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🌪🌪🌪 Anemoessa is looking for players 🌪🌪🌪

Hi all,

We are looking for casual players that are interested in mid-tier casual guild experience.
[rank 114, all task (+LT) completion on Mondays]

A lot of inactivity recently left us with 23 active members.
Some of us are highly competitive with high stats and contributions, where others are more casual/new focusing on kingdoms etc.
We welcome every type of player in our guild.

There are no requirements rather than whatever anyone can offer.
Our main focus is GW where participation is highly appreciated.

All the best
Giger, GM of Anemoessa

Me and a friend are looking for a new guild after our guild leader disbanded the previous one, which was a casual guild.

My friend is in the 200-300 lvl range and can do 100k+ gold, 500s and GW.

I am lvl 1068 and can do 300k+ gold, 1000+ seals and GW mostly daily.

I am only interested if we can both join.

Of course I will invite you right away.

3 positions available and waiting!

I would like to join. I usually donate 100-300k, 400-1200seals and do GW almost daily. I aim to get 50k GW points weekly but usually end up somewhere around 45k(300-400 bracket). I value GW over seals and other stuff. Invite code: HARTSA

Hi Hartsa I will invite you right away.Great timing, you will be ready for next weeks rewards and GW battles.