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Suggest a new way to play (Hundred Players)

Ask the developers to give us a new model.
Mode (Hundred People Cut)
The player selects a fixed deck. (By weekly or monthly, each quarter can set race, occupation, kingdom, color restrictions, etc.)

It cannot be changed after the battle begins. (It will not change, because the battle is not over)

There are 25 groups of enemies built into the system, which are increased by difficulty, level, enemy race, and rarity. (It would be better if you can select enemies with different occupations for players)

After the battle begins, the first group of enemies will be destroyed and the second group of enemies will be summoned directly. There is no need to return to the interface to read them until the player loses or completes the slash.

The reward is calculated based on the progress score completed by the player.

I like the idea! I think I’ve heard something similar mentioned before. Two thumbs up from me :+1::+1:.

Kind of like Treasure Hunt in that rewards increase based on your performance or progress but within a guaranteed limit, and more related to regular gameplay. I think I’d prefer if it wasn’t something that was incentivised to farm or play over and over, though.

The best model for this that I’ve been able to think of is “submitting your best score within a given time period”. E.g., you have unlimited tries within a day, or 3 days, or a week, and the highest level you reach determines the rewards you get. Increasing the number of categories available (each with a score to be submitted) could keep it interesting for people who finish too quickly.

@Magnasimus did you once suggest something like this (continuous enemies)? I’m sure someone (or several people) have.


Thank you for reading

I think so because I always feel that a battle is too short

Well chosen combinations don’t get a sense of accomplishment.