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Top Guild Recruiting (The Alliance) - Casual, Fun, and Exremely Lucritive

Good Morning Future Teammate,

My name is T Bronx and I am an integral member of the clan “The Alliance.” We are actively recruiting players who play hard, but enjoy the game. We are a fun, worldwide clan which uses Discord with tons of helpful information and communication: GW team discussions, raid teams and analysis, invasion teams, pet notifications, and a heavily used any topic general chat. You’ll never miss any of the important details or decisions that could take you from a B- to an A+ player!

Our requirements are 600, 1500, and to communicate regularly.
That’s right, no trophy requirement even though most of us earn 300+ per week!

More importantly, there are no bad apples and no drama here.

In the time that I have been here, I have learned amazing gameplay, made new friends, and received tons of rewards, including 7+ legendary tasks every week.

If you love playing the game and are sick of top clans making you feel like it’s a job instead of a big family, then this is the right place for you. We would love some old veterans who are 1000+ in rank or some motivated fun personalities who are just below that rank, but are ready to have a blast playing in the awesome community that our clan is.

Email me here or on my xbox live tag “T Bronx 69” and join the amazing rewards of a fun, intelligent, and laid back clan you always dreamed to be a part of. It’s time for you to enjoy the riches of what a true top ranked, state of the art, and absolutely fun clan offers.


We need a couple members for next week’s guild wars. 600K gold and 1500 seals are the only requirements though we expect engagement in the other team activities (raids/invasion). There is no min score for GW, if you need help they help with team building if you ask. This is probably the most laid back guild in the top 20.