Top Guild broke Guild Wars

I like by saying that I really enjoy this game. However, Guild Wars has been broken by the top Guild. The only thing Guild Wars have done is given the top Guild another chance to look down on us. Every since the Guild Wars came out they have beaten us and everyone else in Guild Wars by 100,000 points. How is this possible? Is Guild Wars not suppose to put eveyone on am even playing field? I have an answer. The only bonuses that a Guild should receive is their Sentinel Statues. The other guild bonuses should not apply. It is so bad for us because coming into the game they had a two to five year head start. It would take a long time to catch them. All of us do not have that amount of time that they do to be putting up 1000000000 glory each week.

Also, I loose even when I try to play a perfect game, lol. I could understand if I made a mistake, but to make a match and have the computer drop a five mana out of the sky and don’t give you back a turn until you have one person left is ridiculous. Please help us find away to at least give these guys a run for their money so we could have a chance.


Just gotta keep on playing my friend.


Playing until you are blue in the face will never catch the Thieves. Lmao

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It is what it is I’m afraid. In 3-6months it maybe will be a real competition on console. Once guilds catch up blah blah blah.

Just remember the PC gw is a lot more competitive. Some very close wars on there. The gw design was based on the PC platform. It works well the gw system on PC. As that’s the version gw was designed for.


You didn’t say if you were on ps4 or Xbox one though both platforms feature the too guild going 7-0.

From my own personal experience, I’ve been in a guild that finished 2 or 3 each week and the 1 that finished 1 and both guilds had the same guild bonuses. The difference I saw was that the guild that finished first made sure that everyone had all sentinels to 5 as well as more people who were dedicated to maxing out their scores. The other guild, while still having many excellent players, didn’t quite have the same level of focus.

Over 30 players, if this amounts to an average of 500 points difference per player, thats 90,000 extra points over the week. These little things can add up very quickly over the course of the week. That’s really what it boils down to.


This is for Xbox One.

I am on the Xbox one

Guild bonuses from guild guardians are capped when they reach lv 100. I would imagine most guilds in bracket 1 would have them at 100? No?

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We do. Gem Assassins

I’m pretty sure this is an accurate assessment. We finish 2nd (except 2 weeks ago with tons of players out). Our Guild has no GW requirement other than play. We’re fine with that, I think we were short of First place by 75k last week at 675k, but we briefly took 1st on three separate occasions during the week with 27ish players playing during the week. One got back to play Sunday so we finished with 28 players. If we had 30 would we have taken 1st, no.

Yes, Thieves mandates all players max the their Sentinels every week. If works for them who cares? They really aren’t getting “further ahead” and haven’t “broke” anything. Every week they always score around 750k while other Guilds are putting up a few more each week. Probably 90% of Thieves have been in the same Guild as me at one time over the last ~2ish years: they play a ton and deserve it.

Thieves gets +1,160 Gems for 1st and bragging rights. And we get +1,000 Gems for 2nd with lower stress seems fair to me.


The only other factor that could come into play is if the guild completed all basic tasks Monday. That way they have the full 3/8/8/2 bonus to stats for all of guild wars. For the top guild’s, this is a wash since chances are they will have completed it. But a top guild vs say the last place guild on day 1? It is an extra adcantage, potentially.

@anon43026234 @Rickygervais

They’re talking about us lol

How do you know thieves max sentinels unless you are in the guild!

@Rojo1, It’s a no brainer, why wouldn’t you?

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Perhaps because a number of them have told me directly, and I’m fun to chat with. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No. On PS4 top 3 guilds score above 700k and number 3 is about 150k above spot 4.
For example Nemesis places 4th or 5th lately and our statues’ levels are: 88, 91, 86, 88, 87, 87.

I don’t know whose idea and why was to tie scoring to statues’ levels. Yes they have more troops to choose from, yes they have more stats from kingdom stars, higher bonuses from statues. You still beat them? Ha, they get more points than you do, loser.

It would be one thing if there was a way to level statues quicker but there is none so on console for next 3-6 months top 1 bracket is going to be mostly the same.


Game is only 2yr old

So you a new player and you think you should be able to compete against a 2yr very active guild? Omg if i knew it was possible i would only start the game yesterday.


They should not. They should lose because they have less experience, less units, stars and so on. Not because someone decided: Your opponents are going to get 100 points more for the same thing.

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Points are working this way

1- start battle with 4x same color
2- 4 x troop alive at the end of the battle

So where it say we getting 100 more points for same thing?

6300 points is the max EVERYONE can get

It’s all a factor. Your guild does regularly finish in front of guilds who have full maxed sentinel 50% bonus.

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