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Top 900 guild has 1 spot open

we are looking for 1 new active player.
Our guild is rank 900 and climbing fast. 20000+ seals every week. Great gold contribution from current mambers.
the player level doesn’t matter and No seals/trophy/gold is required but daily play will be appreciated.
If you are interested, post below your invite code.

top 900?!? baahahahha


Ignore Pyrospulan, there is nothing wrong with being a top 900 guild.
You might want to add a bit more content to your recruiting post.
Read a few of the others and you will see what I mean

Try something like, active guild, rising in the ranks.
Looking for active team players.
New players welcome.
Take out top 900 in the title, use the first line above.

Hey out of over 17,000 guilds 900 and climbing is doing pretty good!


Free bump.

I actually mentioned “TOP 10K guild” when I created mine, people still joined in :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to join.
Started 2 weeks ago, level 51, code: SCIATH