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Top 60 Guild [Mean Machine] is currently full! (Requirements: 700k Gold/1,6M Gold during GW Week, 1300 Guild Seals, 100 Trophies) - All Weekly Events completed, Stage 6 Guild Chests unlocked weekly, etc. [30/30]

Welcome to the Mean Machine! We are currently looking for no new members at the moment.

We are a friendly, helpful, and reliable bunch of people - only good and desirable qualities here.
If you think or feel the same, hop right in! We will be happy to have you.

If you’re interested, post here, and one of our Recruiters will invite you to our Discord [Mean Machine] channel to have a private discussion - to get to know you.

Weekly requirements are very casual and easy to complete.
We are only asking for your honesty and active participation in the game and in our guild.

Minimum requirements - (more is desirable but not mandatory)

  • a player with the level 1000 or more, but it could be less than that (optional)
  • 700k Gold weekly or more, and 1,6M Gold during the Guild Wars week
  • at least 1300 Guild Seals weekly or more
  • 100 Trophies weekly or more
  • active participation in all the Events (by using at least all free-given Sigils by each Event)
  • Guild Wars finished on a daily basis, finishing all 5 battles with the color of the day (if possible)

What we expect from you: (!) mark indicates the importance

  • at least basic understanding and comprehension of the English language (!)
  • a reliable person who plans to stay for a longer period of time, not just one day or one week (!)
  • fulfilled or exceeded minimum requirements for all Guild-related tasks and events
  • be active on Discord and/or Global chat, preferably both, just to keep up with the news (!)
  • be respectful towards other people (if you need help or advice, ask for it) (!)
  • to try your best in Guild Wars - your effort is what counts the most

What you’ll get:

  • all six types of Guardian Statues are maxed out and at 200 points, giving you maximum benefits
  • all in-game rewards from all the Guild-related events
  • a lot of Legendary tasks during the Guild Wars week
  • Daily Guild Wars Victory bonus that grants you a +100% bonus to experience points (very often)
  • friendly and supportive environment
  • advice in general related to the Gems of War

You can also send me a private message if you wish to know more information about our guild!

The link to our guild is here:

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Come on in and see for yourself, we are a friendly group and very helpful.

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Thank you for all the interest, we are currently full up again.

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We had one person step down due to RL issues inserting themselves… Please let us know if you are interested.

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One spot is still open and available.

We usually recruit before the weekly reset, just to ensure that a new member gets all the benefits.

We currently have three spots available! Reliable and dedicated players are welcome to join!

Kind regards,
Bronka / Koromac [Mean Machine]

From: https://imgur.com/gallery/QKg0xir
Good site, good post.

Oh yeah, we are still looking for a few good humans…:slight_smile:

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Don’t be too late! Such opportunities are rare. Three spots are still available at the moment!

We are still looking for three new members! It’s best to join today.

Hi there, currently two spots are open. Please PM for more information.

We are now full. Please keep an eye on this thread for any future spots that open up.

Two spots available. Please PM me or @AmazonJax or @Koromac for invite. The requirements are listed in first post of this thread, please check that before inquiring.

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Come join a great guild full of seasoned veterans and have fun with us without having an impact in your real life!

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It’s best to join today, before the Guild Wars event!

Two spots open, please let us know you want to join the family prior to reset tonight when Guild Wars starts.

10 Chars or something

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We are still actively looking for two new members to join our guild!
All the requirements are easy enough to complete.

It’s still time to join this week.
2 spots still open and available.

We are full at the moment!