Top 50 Guild League Table History


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#Last weekly update before Guild Wars - does this determine seedings or not?

Will the guilds in that valuable top bracket be the top 10 in this League? Or the top 10 weekly change below? All I know is, keep your Guild Wars posting out of this thread. It’s all about the trophies here, okay? :smiley:

Top 10 Weekly Change:

  1. Intrim
  2. Anonymous
  3. Rock$tar
  4. Unrepentant
  5. Marshal
  6. Dragon’s Peak
  7. Intrim II
  8. Hoguns
  9. Black Dragon
  10. Marthos Guardians


Great job Black Dragon Guild members. Top 10 in times like these is very strong! :relaxed:


Do we have any Vn4ever representatives here? You guys should start counting down / cheering on towards the big 1 million mark.


Maybe @Cymris?


Salut Aelthwyn, j’ai pas compris de quoi vous parliez… sorry for my poor english !

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Jainus dit que vous devriez commencer le compte à rebours pour le million de trophées. Vous serez les prochains à l’atteindre, normalement.


Looks like we could be shaking things up moving up the list. Got a pretty great group and a great leader Rock130 leading the way. Moving on up.



Marshal no doubt has got us on notice! Congratulations to both Rock$tar and you on your consistent rise to Top 10 weekly. We surely consider you both rivals now!

The Freak


Looks like the answer to that question is “no” since both Rock$tar and Hoguns are in Bracket 2.


We are here, but our trophy output has been unspectacular at around 13k a week. So I figure we have more than a month to go.

I find it pretty funny to look at how 10-12k trophies used to be near the top, and some more exuberant PvP play has pushed the weekly trophies SO much higher.

Guild Wars is going to be interesting to see where our members place. If they’ll be hitting great numbers of points, or if its more of a cruise mode of semi-casual grinding play.


Congrats to Marshal, in the top 5 their first 2 chances in the top 50 and moving up to the top 40 overall.


#First week of Guild War!

It seems like Guild War has increased trophy earning across the Top 50 Guilds, but at the same time, there were fewer Top 100 players from the Top 50 guilds, so perhaps spending time on Guild Wars increases trophies for less active players but decreases it for more active ones. That makes sense to me at least.

I note that Dragons’ Peak have changed their name to Impervious Basterds, so don’t be surprised to see that new name in the table. Also welcome Beaverknights to the Top 50 - it seems pretty tough competition to reach and also stay in the Top 50 so good luck!

Top 10 Weekly Change:

  1. Intrim
  2. Anonymous
  3. Marshal
  4. Unrepentant
  5. Rock$tar
  6. Black Dragon
  7. Dragon’s Peak
  8. Intrim II
  9. Hoguns
  10. Vn4ever


Excellent Black Dragon! 20K trophies. :heart_eyes:


How are we even 5th place? We were so caught up with GW (and not really good at it) that a 5th place amazes me. Good work and a thanks to all, who made that possible.

Next week we’ll have you guys from Unrepentant again :wink:


We seem to like being sandwiched between you and marshals :flushed:


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It really does. I give it a like every week.


It seems we have all been busy and slower than usual this week. :slight_smile: