Top 50 Guild League Table History

rank 45 I see


#The weekly update is here and the table needs to fit an extra digit.

Congratulations to Anonymous as the first guild to reach God level: 1 million trophies! I suspect they’ll be the only guild there for quite some time, but nothing is forever… :smiley:


Thanks and thanks for your great work. We are eagerly waiting for your update each week. :slight_smile:

15K Trophies, great team work all Black Dragons! :smiley:


Congrats Anonymous! :slight_smile:

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Share your Best Turns, Scores & Favorite Screen Shots with us. :four_leaf_clover:

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#Following one big number, a week of big numbers.

I might just be primed to notice such things this week, but it seemed that after the 1 million last week, a lot of Top 50 guilds turned over a new initial digit this week.

The event this week encouraged PvP with extra glory rewards but that didn’t seem to have much effect on the Top 50 guilds (I suspect much more effect from events on the activity of newer guilds/players).

The biggest specific effect on the top 50 trophy counts this week was Intrim continuing the recent trend for top guilds to organise a guild-wide big earning week - I understand their goal was a new weekly trophy record (as recorded here Sunday to Sunday), so congratulations for their successful completion with over 54,000 trophies.


Really nice spreadsheet! The guild I’m in (Tharul) will probably not ever make it on here, but I love basic statistics, so I can appreciate the work you must put into it. I don’t have a working computer anymore, or I would love to do some trend graphs and average/differentials charts. In reality, it would take too much work to do for each guild. And I doubt anyone (except math & statistics nuts) would find that any more useful than what you already have here. I’ll definitely check this out to see how each guild (especially those top 10s) moves about each week! Good job! :+1::nerd_face:


Congrats Intrim! You Intrimates are definitely among those quite revered gow players! :grin: Plus you have Saluki, He’s always quite helpful (and polite​:smile:) to everyone in global chat! Not to say that other GM’s aren’t the same, but I think I see him most often!


#This was a very active week on the Top 50.

Many guilds across the whole top 50 posted larger-than-average trophy earnings this week, resulting in the largest ever average weekly trophies across the whole league, despite no one guild posting close to record numbers individually.

One statistic I missed from last week was that it now takes more than half a million trophies to break into the top 10, not that this seems to deter newer guilds from setting a pace to reach the top 10 eventually. :slight_smile:


Unrepentant moved up 6 positions this week from #26 to #20, and with the third highest trophy count. Amazing job this week everyone!

Proud of the squad. :fireworks::tada:

Also great job to all the other guilds too!

I want to mention as well Dragons’ Peak. My god did you put up a fight! lol You held us off for sooo long.


Anybody know why in July 2016 Black Dragon came out of nowhere? Was there a name change or something?

EDIT: Nevermind, found the post about it. (FYI, 1 guild split into 2)

You could always search this very thread…

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Haha yep just did :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wait, why were those 2 guilds split? :open_mouth:
(Im on mobile, cant search for that specific comment, and there are tons of posts)

Well if anyone knows the real reason behind this, im very interested into knowing what happened.
Since Sirrians post has no explanation.

Thank you for updating this every week! :smiley:


EDIT2: I tried to reply to @DonBoba but apparently, it wasn’t a good idea.

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Seriously, let’s not derail actreal’s thread with incorrect rumors. Our guilds have left that unpleasant mess in the past. It would be great if people respected the fact that we have all refrained from rehashing the situation on the forum and moved on.