Top 27 Guild Wars Score Implementation

This would also make higher ranked guilds more welcoming of players who are not end-game… I like helping a little guy out once in a while (I call it sponsor-a-noob) because I remember how exciting it was when I first got into a top guild. But, it’s not fair to other guild members who want to be competitive in guild leaderboards.


Every major sport has teams with a full roster.

Do each and every one of those players’ personal scores count towards the entire team?

Do teams get docked for injured players, or are they allowed to replace them?

If the starting quarterback throws for 320 yards and 3 touchdowns, but the second string QB has 0 yards and touchdowns because he didn’t get to play, does the entire team get docked and put out of contention? Do those 0 yards and touchdowns take away from the starting QB’s totals?

The simple answer to every question is no.

Again, the people opposed to this look to be trying to acquire every advantage they can because they seem to be less confident they could win if things were more even across the board.

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Really good idea.
A whole guild should not lose valuable places by a player dropping out or even family emergencies etc.
All the guild members who compete should do so on a level playing field so it becomes a game of skill and not luck.


This is a really bad analogy. Every team still has to have the exact same number of players on the field at all times. There is no “oh, our 1st string QB is on vacation and can’t play so you have to use you’re 2nd QB too”. That’s closer an analogy than yours.

“Evening the field” by only counting top 27 players is NOT beneficial to everyone equally as you claim. A guild with 30 players who all score 50k+ in GW is penalized because 3 50k+ scores aren’t counted vs the 3 30k scores of their opponents not counting. A guild that takes GW seriously enough to work that hard to be the best at it shouldn’t be penalized because another guild can’t or won’t. In the Olympics, they don’t throw out the lowest score for each competitor that I’m aware of.

The entire idea of guild wars is to be a GUILD event where logistics is certainly as important as each player’s skills & what troops/classes/weapons they have at their disposal. Why don’t we just even things out by saying that of the 700+ troops everyone can only use a specific list if 500 so everyone is on an even footing? Then let’s do the same for weapons. Then classes.

Why not? Because it would make anything that players work for to collect that isn’t on those lists useless. Just like the 3 people not being counted in guild wars would be - useless. And it would stifle creativity and drive.

For the record my guild floats between B2-B5, most often in B3-4. We just went through the issue of having someone bail on us last GW (lost his 1st battle & then didn’t play the rest of the week). While we were highly disappointed and likely could have risen a bracket had he played, we still finished in the middle of the bracket. So the argument there’s no hope if just 1 person doesn’t play isn’t accurate. And further down the brackets it’s even less accurate. The ONLY place the argument may actually be true is in B1-2, MAYBE B3.

If you couldn’t tell, not a fan of the proposal and would vote against it if a vote was taken and it actually meant something.

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As a guild leader of a guild who has always been in bracket 1, I have always supported this idea.
Isn’t fun when somebody quits or goes AWOL in the middle of GW hurting the rest of the guild.

I’m curious as to why this was dropped and would be interested in a comment from the devs on this.
@Saltypatra, care to shed some light on this when you are able to? :wink:


I honestly think it’s a great idea. People have lives and things happen. There are so many factors for why this will work. I’ve been in multiple top 10 guilds and everyone has problems. Please do your best to implement a safeguard like this. You are capable people and I love your game. Please do us right.


The analogy is very valid and accurate. You said yourself, all teams have to have the exact same number of players on the field at the exact same time, right? So if guild A has 29 members, and guild B has 30 members, how is that an even playing field? It’s not!

If guild A is able to bring in a sub to even out the number of players, then the field becomes even again. We aren’t allowed to do this in Gems of War, therefore there should be some leeway. This proposal helps in this matter.

The bottom three scores being discarded doesn’t hurt any team if 27 scores are counted, regardless of their numeric values. We will, however, take your example. So let’s say guild A (with 29 members) has their 3 lowest scores of 50k, 51k, 52k. Guild B (with 30 members) has 3 low scores of 44k, 48k, 51k. Guild B wins, not because their average score was higher, but because guild A was at an automatic disadvantage for being down one player. Top 27 scores is a more accurate depiction of an overall team effort while making it more enjoyable and less stressful.

Guild Wars is limited in a few aspects. 24 different defense troops, no repeating hero weapons or troops on defense. Each day you must use 4 troops of the designated color on offense. Are you not familiar with how the scoring works? Are you not aware of the limitations to maximize your points in GW?

I understand you’re in a lower bracket and don’t have the experience of being in a more competitive GW, but in B1 you’re immediately out of contention if you’re down even half a person. Do you lead a guild? Have you dealt with all the personal issues of 29 other players at once and tried to maintain a full cooperating squad in a competitive bracket? It would appear not, and while everybody’s opinion is welcome, I think yours may be of a more narrowed spectrum.

Regardless if you like or not like… not going to happen.

Sirrian doesn’t do band-aid fixes. Guild Wars at some point is going to be redone, but it will be completely re-done.

Awesome ideal ! I agree it would help all the guilds :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure you can speak for the developers.

Can you?

I just remember what they previously have said. You’d know that too if you searched for and read through or participated in the long debate about guild wars at the time.

I wasn’t playing the game at that time, and the other guild leaders I spoke to didn’t remember the dev’s reasoning for not implementing.

Guild ‘brackets’ was a last minute implementation. It was originally going to be some random pairing of similar powered guilds. The scoring and pairing within brackets is not easily fixable and is automated, I know that from numerous ‘please fix threads’

Old beta test players would know more details on why not going to happen. But I don’t see them posting in this thread because … not going to happen.

We’ll see.

If we can get enough support, anything is possible. They’ve said the same about other things in the past. If the demand is high enough, they’ll make it happen.

The last time (to my knowledge) they even thought about it or mentioned anything about it, was two years ago. A lot has changed since then, and they could possibly have an easy fix by now. If they’re unaware that it’s still currently an issue, they won’t bother to try and fix it.

I’m fine with the 27 player thing especially if it makes for more competition. Right now on Xbox only 3 guilds are capable of winning Wars IMHO. Would the change make it more? Probably not but might make the Gap less. Who knows.


I can only think of two.

Thieves (as almost always of course :heart_eyes:)

But EDT has been good competition lately. Props to Esprits du Temps!
It’s great to see a primary French guild that’s so quiet in the forum do so well on Xbox. :partying_face:

Thanks for making my point.

No vendetta here,a little pissed about poaching from one of your guildmates though.

This is forum to discuss opinions on a particular subject which i am stating mine.The only thing that a 27 player score will accomplish is keeping those at the top stay there.If a guild loses because a member decides he wants to play borderlands,fortnite…Etc then take the loss like every other guild and possibly drop a bracket because its part of the game and competition.A 3 person safety cushion isnt the answer.

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Are you a guild leader?

Which guild?

Could you explain how or why you think a “3 player cushion” WOULDN’T help?

Why would discarding 3 outliers (regardless of reason) be detrimental to evening the playing field for all?

I think the idea for the 27 was for vacations so you would not need to boot a long time member. If I remember correctly