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Top 15 Guild ⚔️The Alliance⚔️ Now Recruiting for Switch!

GW veteran playing on Switch, but want to switch :wink: over to a better guild?

Are you a hungry new player looking to grow fast with an established Guild?

Join us! We are a very active guild with a high Guild Wars ranking, but are more relaxed than some of the other top guilds. We are looking for active players looking to grow with us.

Guild requirments:
Gold-70k weekly
Seals-250 weekly
Trophies-10 weekly
All matches competed in Guild Wars
Participation in weekly events

If you are interested leave a message below with your name and invite code. :crossed_swords:

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We currently have one spot open, just in time for Guild Wars! We are a strong team in bracket 2, pushing to make it to bracket 1.

We have a good mix of new and veteran players. Our guild is a place that can help those better players learn, and where vets can flourish.

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The Alliance currently has an open spot for Guild membership. Looking to make a push at Tier/Bracket 1 for the upcoming Guild Wars. Would like to add a GoW veteran looking to move up, or an ambitious new player.

Send your invite code in a PM or leave a message below.

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Now recruiting for upcoming Guild Wars. Tier 1 guild. Easy reqs, yet high rewards as we have a VERY active guild. New or veteran players welcome. Especially good fit for those who are carrying a lower ranked guild, and are looking for a new home.

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