Top 15 Guild Based Around XBLA Fans Website and Stream



We have room for a few additional members to our XBLA Fans Guild on Gems of War. We have 16 active players and have quickly climbed to 14th on the leaderboard. Our community is based around / They stream Gems of War from time to time on the channel and regularly chat with viewers. Everyone is friendly and active. If interested in joining please let me know :smile:


May I join? Im cureently in a dying guild no one gets on anymore but I’m active lvl 53. Name: B1TT13Z


We would love to have you. As of now we have 1 open spot. I’ll send you an invite if it allows :slight_smile:


That invite code does not exist :frowning:


Oh im sorry that was my gamertag :sweat_smile: the invite code is just Bittiez


going to add you now (Says you are in another guild)


Level 74 and looking for an active group. Jahras is my name in game. I dig the twitch channel and looking forward to seeing you stream gems of war