Tokens in Switch

I just started getting tokens but I can’t find where on the screen they live on the Switch. Any help will be most appreciated.


Tokens from defeating an Explore Mythic boss, correct?

At the top of the World Map screen should be three diamond icons. Click these to view your Tokens/Badges/Medals page. Keep in mind that Tokens are useless by themselves – you need to collect 3 matching Tokens (which upgrades them to a Badge) before you can equip them.

I think I have to do a World Quest to get the circles because only have one circle and it says I cannot do anything with medals, which I don’t think I have, until I do the World Quest. Is this so?


Sounds correct, World Quests were added in the 6.2 update (but largely didn’t affect players with prior progression). And the World Quest for unlocking medals is apparently notorious for its difficulty…

Yes, this is correct. If you are new to the game, as mentioned above, you need to be Lv 24 and do the related World Quest first.