Toggle Kingdom EXP Option

Similar to how hero has an easy to access exp bar, I believe kingdoms too should have an option that allows their exp progress to be displayed in a more intuitive way. It could be a toggleable option that by default would be off as to not confuse newer players, which would simply show a exp bar under each kingdom. It would help a lot in deciding which kingdoms need further progress with troops and traits. In the current system, it takes minutes on end to check every single kingdom’s exp to see how close it is to the following level. If a toggled option was added for the kingdom map, it would take seconds to figure out which kingdom(s) are close to progression and may even encourage players to get those few extra keys to reach that next objective. :wink:

Something along the lines of this:


Turn the name background plate into a progression bar

Yes, I was just making a photoshoped pic of that right now. xD

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I was about to ask visuals for progress toward power levels, finding out by clicking is major PITA. Thanks for the great pictures and let’s hope something like that makes it into the game sometimes not far away.

@Sirrian, I noticed you liked this. Is something similar to this likely to be implemented within the near future?

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Yeah, I’d been thinking of something similar, where the color of the bar would also change with each star rating (and the little shield on the bottom would become more elaborate as you approached level 10).
I always like it when a screen mixes functionality with a bit of extra flare.


Flare or flair?

Bringing back your wide-bottomed trousers?


Lens flare, everywhere.


Nooooooooooooo! Jainus and Tacet beat me to it! Blast it, I am losing my edge…

No worries, I created a modified version of my example to exemplify Sirrian’s intention to add flare to the kingdom map.


That’s some crotch flair flare

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Yes, it is. I consider it fair flare flair flare.


Gotta be a limerick from that…

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Funny thread.

By “thread,” of course, I refer to both a fine cord of fibrous material composing the bell-bottomed crotch flair and also the series of messages posted here as replies to each other…

…two meanings…


…it’s a homonym…

forget it.


I’m just sad all the jokes seemed to have ended, or at least until Sirrian makes yet another spelling mistake:

His rate is fairly consistent so far. Next update he will probably expand upon Guild Asks and add a new Kia type.

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LoL Tacet,too funny!

Anyone starting to get multiple 5 star kingdoms yet? I see some people with 2, but no one with more yet. Based on the game files, it seems like Whitehelm will be the 2nd kingdom with 9 troops.