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To encourage the use of many troops

Right now, we’re getting all kinds of new troops when opening chests, buying event packs, etc… but there’s no real reason to use them. It semms this game is set towards finding a combo of 4 that works, and pumping them up, using them for every single battle.
What if, in every battle, (PvP, quests, challneges, etc…) the opposing team’s strength was posted, and if you use a team with a lower cost you get better rewards, and use a team with a higher cost, the rewards go down, even going so far as giving you no rewards if your team is too higher costed (This would also discourage peoeple from racking up PvP points by constantly picking on much weaker opponets)

Then the meta would just shift to whatever team has a low rank but still consistently wins battles.

  1. You don’t rule at the top of pvp rankings by picking on weaklings. Notice the difference in pvp points rewards between 1-3 trophy targets, it’s just not worth it to roll over the weakest.

  2. Your teams power depends on many factors, part of them are not even card-related (like kingdom bonuses), so the idea of forcing someone to use lower power team might make it impossible to even fight certain teams, and for others you’d have to go against legends/mythics with common cards (welcome back goblins and worms),

Then there’s the question: why acquire and trait/lvl legends if you won’t be able to use them anyway?

The way to prompt people to use troops they haven’t before could be extra bonuses for, for example, using a team made of troops you haven’t used in last 2 battles (or more, in this example you’d need at least 3 different teams to get the bonus), or to get extra resources for using troops based on how long ago you used them last (i.e. we have 230 troops, lets say PEASANT is the one you haven’t used the longest, then using him in a pvp battle would give you +230 gold bonus, because he’s at the very end of the list, something on place 130 would give 130). And even with solutions like those, there’s obvious loopholes already in place: use 3-troop team that can carry any troop from the bottom of the list one after another, the only inconvenience being the necessity to SWITCH one troop between each battle.

Meh I played games for too many years to come up with good suggestions, I immediately put my mind to finding loopholes in them and end up coming up with 5 reasons why any of my ideas won’t work.


I’ve been advocating for a long time that they should change/enhance synergy bonuses some how. I’ve offered several suggestions and unfortunately, none of them are perfect.

But ultimately I’d like to see us get rewarded for doing things that are “against the norm”.


It would probably be Original Blue.

EDIT: or Goblins

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i found that the weekly “rewards” using that weeks card/kingdom made more variety :slight_smile: and it was fun too.


You want tasks like us console players have.


Yeah, that’s one of the things I definitely miss from playing on console.


Agreed on the weekly tasks, and if you wanted to engage the competitive players/guilds, then add comparable trophy gains to those tasks as well.

Oh and minor reds, in fact scrap everything above, just reward us with minor reds!

One minor red for each red troop you use and one minor red for each red troop you defeat in battle. :stuck_out_tongue:

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While said in jest, there is an idea in there that could work, using team composition to adjust drops.

Take your team of 4, add up colors used (single color troops count as 2 of that color). Trait stone drops would be limited to those colors with percentage based on percentage used.

i’ll give an example:
Soothsayer (Brown/Green)
Mab (Blue/Purple)
Valkyrie (Yellow/Red)
Mab (Blue/Purple)

Add them up to get Brown 1, Green 1, Red 1, Yellow 1, Purple 2, Blue 2
So for a minor, major, relic drop you get 12% each for brown, red, yellow, and green, 25% each for purple and blue
For an arcane you roll the above twice and get that combination.

Would only be applied to PVP since explore/challenge are kingdom specific colors.

I think could provide incentive to build color themed decks for specific color farming, like a Rock Worm deck if you need browns, or Scale Guards for red


Now i feel all important when even my stupid posts (some may even think that all my posts are stupid, but that’s ok) can fuel some great ideas. +1 for this Rasper. :slight_smile:

There’s no such thing as a stupid idea!

Oh there definitely IS, but this was NOT one of them :stuck_out_tongue:


One minor adjustment. Dont roll twice for arcanes, but randomly pick a troop then award the matching arcane.


that would force you to use the troop (or a troop) with the arcane you want! i LOVE IT!

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If you use a 3-color horseman it could yield 3 different arcanes, like Famine is Yellow, Green, Brown so would yield YG, YB, or GB

if you use a 6-color hero weapon it could yield any arcane, like current.

For the weapons I would agree, but the horsemen all require two types of arcanes, not all three, so it also makes sense to limit it to those two types, and pick randomly from those options

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