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To be or not to be, that is the question

Ok, I have fully ascended troops, with lots of duplicates.
I usually only keep 4 of each…
I disenchanted down to 4 all of my cards pre-Ascension…
I am nervous if I do it again, I will be burned again…


Do I let them be or… Not be?

Should I disenchant my surplus mythics?

I need your support and guidance!

Thanks! :wink:


yes i suck at this.

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Id imagine any further troop levelling that comes in the future would be done with a new type of resource that will make money

The way I look at it I don’t need the souls bad enough to give up something I may wish I had later.

I will just play more Explore and Arena.

I disenchant mythics when I need souls and don’t feel like waiting to collect them during PVP or farming them. A dev already stated that it’s safe to disenchant and that they won’t repeat the mistakes of the past.


Not worth IMO. Even before I crossed the finish line of the soul grind the prevalence of Valkyrie decks makes the soul farm no where near as bad as it was pre-1.8. Use the time you disenchanted to get more trophies and other resources. Disenchant only if you get a new troop that you absolutely must get leveled immediately

Could you explain why disenchanting troops was considered bad before? I just disenchanted all my mythics down to 4 each for souls. I figured that’s what we should do with the excess troops.

as stated above (and explained)


Thanks to everybody for the opinions.
I remember the devs saying that they won’t make the same mistake and that it’s safe to disenchant…


I feel like there’s always that chance that a new tier will be introduced increasing level cap beyond 20.

If only there were a guarantee from the devs!! Lol

Devs: “if we add a new level beyond mythic we will personally return all disenchanted cards!”


You should be pretty close to maxing out on souls by the time you get enough plus mythics to disenchant for any significant quantity of souls, and using the interface to disenchant is such a pain in the butt right now for small quantities of each card over a large number of cards, I figure why bother? The only time I’ve used it recently is during particularly stubborn events, where I’m awarded 90+ copies of the ultra rare just trying to get the legendary. Anything giving just around 100 souls I feel like I could have just earned them faster from a challenge or explore.

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I disenchant every troop back to 10 copies regularly - no natural epics or legendaries though. And you’d be surprised how many souls you get out of that. If they ever add a new tier and ask you to ascend it by using spare copies, I’ll just quit playing. That works for me =)


If they add a mass-disenchant option or improve the interface in the future, will you wish you hadn’t spent so much time fiddling with it now? Speed through some challenges with a soul-farming team if you need souls that desperately, and you’ll probably find yourself ahead in terms of time spent for total resources gained.

I have no need of souls anymore, but when I went on a mass-disenchanting spree a while back, I set up a auto-click mouse macro. It was most stimulating and less destructive on my muscles to do it that way.

I’m disenchanting them all the 4. I did it before ascension kicked in and still got them to mythic, if a new rarity comes, I will get them again and ascend.