To A Better Tomorrow is Recruiting - Top 350 Guild

To A Better Tomorrow is a casual serious guild. In other words, we’re competitive, we like to win and move up rankings. But we also realize that there is more to life than Gems of War.

What we offer:
Currently Rank: 339
Current Guild War Bracket: 22
Master IV: 260% gold bonus
20k+ seals weekly

We typically complete the Blue Task and go 7/12+ in all others.
Red Statue: 66
Blue Statue: 80
Green Statue: 59
Yellow Statue: 57
Purple Statue: 60
Brown Statue: 58

Weekly requirement guidelines:
50k gold/500 seals/15 Guild War battles

We generally expect our guildmates to finish Guild Wars and be over 1000 seals a week, but our requirements are loose. If something comes up or you go on vacation, and contributions dip for a few weeks that’s fine. If you’re relatively new, and using your gold to level your kingdoms, no problem! (But in both situations, please do let us know.)

Our requirements exist so that people who are maxing out seals every week and doing Guild Wars daily feel their efforts are reciprocated. We want all our guildmates to be making solid contributions. There’s no hard and fast rule, but we generally replace people who don’t meet the requirements four weeks running.

To join, please reply to this thread with your invite code.

I have a small guild, 3 active members, and I am willing to be comprised in guild just like yours.

Every one of us is doing weekly 200-500k gold, 1500 souls, 200-400 trophies and at least 25 Guild War battles.

If there is a place for all three of us, my invite code is QUANT_2

Yes, Quant, we have room for three more. That will fill us up for this week and then we’ll see how our new batch of players does. (We have two beside you.)

I’ll need the invite codes for the other two members. You’ll also need to drop guild before I can invite you.

We will have two spots opening up this week. Please post or PM me invite codes if you’d like to join!

Two spots open again this week!

We have some open spot again this week. We’re now rank 322.

Hello, i would like to be a part of your guild. Do you have room for me and my girlfriend? My code is AMREN_UPKW

Invite sent. We have room for your girlfriend as well. Send me her invite code via PM, this board, or in guild chat in game and I will get her in.

We have some spots again this week. About to crack the top 300!

interested in joining im level 58 easily can get the requirments 1500 seals will be weekly my invite code is CHASE_GW13

Invite sent, glad to have you on board!

i can donate 150k gold and 1000+ seals weekly. Can i join your guild?

My invite code : MANKGAPORE 1