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TLDR Guild Wars Guide for Total Newbs

Somewhere in here there’s a really nice in-depth guide to Guild Wars; this is not that. Get good later; this is just the bare minimum of what I wish every guildy would do, from their first week in the guild.

Stuff You Should Do Every Week:

Set Your Defences
Fight All of Your Battles

Setting Your Defences

You can win over 2,000 points per day for your guild in Guild Wars if you set a defence team that has 4 troops that you do not use on your defence team on any other day. Even if you lose every single battle. So assuming you have enough team slots, go and make a defence team for each color (“Anti-Red”, “Anti-Blue”, etc.) and put anything in them that isn’t in any of your other GW defence lists. Your first 24 Commons, 4 at a time. Anything. The color of your defenders does not matter, and you can make the lists better later. Then, every Monday, go to Guild Wars, click the Defence tab, and assign your anti-yellow team to defence on the yellow day, etc. It’ll take a couple of minutes tops. You can use the same teams every week. There are no negatives to setting a defence and losing games.

If you have done this, and fight at least one Guild Wars Battle per day (see below), you have just earned your guild 12,000 points. Well done!

Fighting Your Battles

It’s common for newer players with crappy selections of troops to not want to fight Guild Wars battles, because they always lose. Don’t worry! You cost your guild nothing by losing battles, and you gain them a decent number of points! You get points for losing, and you don’t seem to get the points for your unique defence (see above) until you fight your first battle for the day. So just take any old team and lose as quickly as possible; you still helped your guild. You can get a few extra points for your guild by making an attack team where all 4 members have the color of the day; you can see the days’ colors in advance by checking the Defence tab.

So create your best overall attack team and, if you have the team slots, also create your best attack team that has the day’s color for every troop (e.g., If it is yellow day, have four yellow troops.) Then go to Guild Wars and click the Attack tab, and check out your opponent:

  • You get the most points if you win with your color team. Look at your opponent’s rating, or spend the gold and peek at their list. If you don’t think you can take them (which is going to happen a LOT at first) then…

  • You get the next most points if you win no matter what. Is their rating low enough, or their list weak enough you think you might be able to take them with your best attack team, even though it doesn’t match colors? Screw color-matching then; go get em! But if not…

  • If you’re going to lose anyways, you’ll get more points for losing with your color-matched team, so play that one.

But most of all, don’t stress it. If you set your defences and play 5 battles a day with a color-matched team of level 1 Common troops and lose every single match, most guilds are going to be ecstatic. If you take a few chances and lose with a non-color-matched team, but also win a battle here-and-there? Still loving it.

Gettin Good

Yeah, ask yer Guild for advice on improving your attack and defence teams for specific color days. Don’t look at me; I’m still crap at this :slight_smile:


Moved the intro down here, because I really wanted the article itself to be short(ish) and to the point:

What I wanted to write was a quick guide that I could point brand-new guildies (especially ones fairly new to the game) at, about what they should be doing as soon as the join the guild. Get good later; this is just the bare minimum of what I wish every guildy would do. I not writing it because I’m good at this game - I’m only barely getting a handle on Guild Wars myself. I’m writing it to jot down the things I wish someone had told me two months ago, while I still remember them. I’m also hoping some of the more experienced folks will correct me if I’m wrong about anything, or add stuff.