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What it should be

A play on a Jay-Z song “I got 99 problems, but a b**ch ain’t one ” (*'s are there because the word could offensive and censored anywho, but anyone that knows the song knows the word.) The only thing I can think of maybe the title character limit. I couldn’t tell if any other title is the same length or longer.

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I counted 32 characters (including spaces) in the title’s name, so that could very well be the limit and therefore be why the ‘e’ got cut off. Not sure if any other titles have more than 32 characters, I or someone else will have to check on that. If it is indeed a character limit issue, then ‘on’ would have to be replaced with ‘1’ to be correct while staying within the character limit.

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I think the typo is really in the liche. They put the ‘e’ on the wrong place!!
So the one can be whole again :wink:

plus ‘lich’ rhymes same as b**ch :sweat_smile:

True Lich is singular and Liches is plural.

This thread is ASMR.


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Actually the “E” from Liche just needs to be moved to next to “On” to form One.

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