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Timing of Daily Bonuses (FIXED!)

The last few days, my daily bonuses have not appeared when I log into the game as they used to. They appear when I touch the pvp button. Just wondering if this is something included with the new update and they’re supposed to be working like that.


This is something that has always happened to me if I stayed logged in past the daily rollover, but recently I have also had to hit the PvP button for my daily rewards to be sent to me even after re-logging.

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Same, two days running…

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Same, both me and the hubby

This has been happening to me for a while now. But then again I don’t close my game because it takes 5 minutes to start it again which is just a pain.

Even if you log in after the reset hour, you still need to click pvp to get the daily reward screen. Happened to me too.

It’s also a regular occurrence for me. Thought it was intentional. I wonder if we will receive the exclamation point to remind us to check if we don’t play PvP for a day?

You get no reminders if you don’t play PVP for a day. I haven’t touched that mode in weeks, and there’s never been a reminder there.

I still get the daily bonus, but it no longer occurs the first time I reload the game after 5pm Sydney time. It varies within a two hour window, but killing the iOS app and restarting it does not trigger the daily rollover.

I thought rollover happened at 6pm AEST? Or at least that’s when it’s seemed to happen for me.

This has been happening to me since 2.2 dropped. I have to enter PVP to get the daily login to trigger.

I think we’ve just rolled out a fix for this… we’ll see what happens today!


Still happening this morning it seems.

Same for me, doesn’t seem to have been any change.

Happened to me too, I never did see the new event banner even after I clicked PvP. Am nervous my two-year consecutive login streak will be broken.

It’s been this way for a while for me. Lost my daily login bonus a couple of times as a result.

Definitely had to press the PvP button again to get Daily Login splash screen, despite the app going through the full load procedure.

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And, again, I got the daily login bonus roughly 2 hours after the day rolled over, despite not having pressed the PVP button at all – and despite having loaded the app into memory several times.

I got my reset immediately after entering PVP for the first time.

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Still happening and, yeah, I do receive the exclamation point notification on the PvP, despite there not being a defense win/loss to report. As soon as I tap on that, the splash screen triggers and I get my daily loot in the mail.

I think it’s fine this way as I get my goodies from kingdoms as soon as the game loads rather than experiencing the whole daily splash screen first. Helps to keep me on time for subsequent “rent” collections and tributes.

Hey Guys,

It was discovered that there is an issue with the Daily (and Weekly) Login, which some times requires players to tap the PVP button to trigger the rewards.

We’ve made a temporary fix which activates the flashing exclamation on the PVP button when the Daily Login bonus is available.

We’re trying to get a hot fix through Apple and Android before they close for the holidays, but we can’t make any promises it will get through. We’ll try to keep you guys informed on what is happening there once we know.