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Timer for timed events

Right now I cannot see the timer for timed events anywhere, except dedicated page. In multi-stage fights it’s quite inconvenient. And by current rules, it became very irritating when I won a long battle only to see that timer expired half-hour ago.

Can I ask to add timer somewhere at battle screen? It will not help with missing rewards, but at least I will see when I am going to miss it, and will not try to struggle after that.

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Do you have any specific examples of which events you find this difficult with? What is the problem that made you suggest this (e,g, with bounty events there are too many stages and navigating to Overview tab is frustrating?)

We show timers on the overview Tab of the events menu.

Oh, easily. Pet catch is my common bane. It lasts only one hour, and usually I start to see it somewhere at 20 minutes before end, so I barely have time to won this 8 battles… Sometimes it’s not enough.

Oh, I missed it, actually. Thank you. Still, it’s not enough. I want to have it in the battles, because with pet every second matters - and I haven’t time sense good enough to estimate if I already out of time, or I still have this minutes to finish the battle.
Closer to the end it’s no more 2-minutes battle, and, as I said, it’s quite frustrating to won long battle only to recognize that I am out of time so it all was for vain.
Ideal solution would be “Give me reward, even when event ended”, but, as I understood, it’s impossible with current design choices. :expressionless: Well, I could live with it if I had battle timer and I would know that it’s overtime already. It’s still somewhat disappointing, but it’s nothing comparing with current frustrating loses to time.