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Time was when troop rarity and kingdom

…were both shown on troop cards. Now we have neither. I don’t think this is progress. As an ‘end game’ player (lev 1,229 ) I miss both. For players just starting out on their GoW journey the absence of this information must be confusing and not a little frustrating as there is nowhere in the game that explains the rarity colours.

I have just ascended my (common) giant crab which started off with a grey background. NOW it has 3* and a blue “ultra rare” background. How the heck am I now going to remember that I can only get Giant Crab from the gold key chests despite it being designated as an ultra rare.

This is bonkers :scream::scream::scream::scream:


On PC I get a rarity indicator on the top right of the card, depicted as a number of stars.

When you ascend all cards to mythic the stars disappear and the colour changes to blue. Under the old system you could at least tell whether they had been rare, ultra rare, legendary etc originally. Even tho there are stars nowhere does the game list all the available rarities ie common, rare, ultra rare, epic, legendary, mythic

This part of your complaint confuses me. The old cards had both a colored border as well as stars to show the rarity of the card. No where, did it show what the card originally was after you ascend it.

Current design has taken away the border in favor of colored strips at the top (and bottom?) of the card. The same star system is used in the top right corner of the troop card.

All relevant information is still there.

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Ok, so when I look at my (used to be common) crab which is now desinated ultra rare 3 star with an ultra rare bright blue border how will I know to look for more in gold key chests only ?


A couple things that can at least point you in the right direction:

Only using 1 mana color, most likely a common troop.
Low mana costs with 2 mana, most likely a rare or ultra rare.
Looking at their trait costs can tell you the difference.

There is also a filter option by “base rarity”.


I suspect the same way as before. You either know it’s a base common, look it up on gowdb.com, do the ascension math or stare at the gold chest opening menu until the Giant Crab art slides in (which also sort of safeguards against incorrect chest assignment issues that pop up every once in a while).

Good point, the new filter definitely is an improvement.

Another good way to tell that I forgot. Whatever the number is necessary to ascend, that’ll tell your base rarity.

5 - You are at base rarity
10 - 1 Rarity before
25 - 2 Rarities before
50 - 3 Rarities before
100 - 4 Rarities before