Time to upgrade Blackhawk kingom's star level! 🙃




yep I guess the new class hero is from Khaziel :disappointed_relieved:

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3.5 = The bottleneck update.


lol, overall I’m a bit fatigued at complaining about 3.5 but I think this is the most terse possible way to express it.

Before 3.5, you were really only limited by the time you put it. Sure, for troop drops you were at the mercy of a gacha mechanic, but there are ways to get gems for gem keys through play. It didn’t feel like a wall when you got all the troops in the kingdom because, well, that was the maximum and we all knew that was it.

Now it’s possible to have met all the requirements for more stars than you have, but also have the game remind you, “Because the devs haven’t released all this promised content, you can’t actually get there.” That feels much worse.


From today onwards we are getting less tributes than we would have under the old system.

“We have not nerfed tributes.”
-Quote from a dev


You can add Drifting Sands to the list now.

“We have not nerfed tributes.”
-Quote from a dev

Any Idea when this might happen?


Blackhawk class is planned for August 16th at this point.