Time to play "Remember When?" GoW screenshot style

Remember when 333 trophies got you into the top 25 guilds? Hoguns does!

Can anyone beat this screenshot (from December 4th, 2014)? :smiley:

I bet @Sirrian or @Nimhain might (or @Saltypatra if she opens the archives) but I’m guessing I might have the oldest screenshot of an active player. :wink:

What are your “Remember When” screenshots?


lol, the Dev guild is at rank 20 in your screenshot.
(Infinity and Beyond was the original name of the guild… until I changed it :imp:)

Here are my collection of images (thank you old patch notes):
Remember when we first added Mass Discenchant?

Remember when Troop cards looked like this?

Remember when you set defense teams at a kingdom? (Also when the world map looked like this)

Remember when we added Kingdom levels?


Haha! I have a few of those screenshotted (shotted? shot?), too but not all of them. That’s awesome. :smiley:

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Oh, I actually have you beat on the disenchant screenshot, remember when they only looked like this, before mass disenchant was added?


(and before traits were added). Ah, level 1 original Gorgotha. It’s been awhile.

Edit: Lol I just noticed you had a similar shot, too, that I missed so I guess I didn’t beat you after all. :smiley:


Some more old screenshots:


Ah yes, the old guild system. One of the things I thankfully don’t miss. (Just looking at it pains me.)

I don’t miss the old troop selection screen either, but I at least get a slight nostalgic feel from seeing it.

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