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Time to change things

Time to change how things are done here
I’ve seen more flags than ever before, and less reasons to
I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a legitimate flag on here

Either take away the autoflag (guilty before proven innocent)
Or show who flags who(hidden trolls or unreasonable oversensitivity)
Obviously people are trolling with this anymore
In this dystopian time, these people shouldn’t have the power they do, they don’t have the maturity to handle the responsibility


I always just “unhide” the hidden content :joy:


I do too
And that’s when I read it and wonder how we’ve gotten here
Devs have abdicated their responsibility and given it to trolls


I will say I’d enjoy not having to “unflag” things, to save me time.

However, I think being able to self-police is a good thing, as long as it’s not community deletion. I think flagging does potentially reduce toxicity more than increase it.

But it would be nice if I could click an option in my personal settings that said “show me everything by default, even flagged content. I don’t have many triggers (not that I mean to be dismissive of others’)—I can handle it” :laughing:


The problem isn’t that flags are auto-hidden when a regular does the flagging. The problem is that moderators aren’t removing regular status from (and/or banning) people that abuse the flag system.


Flags generate an auto-email from @Saltypatra saying your remark has been hidden by the community for being offensive, abusive or against community guidelines. You have about 10 minutes to change it.

I know this in such detail because I got one the day before yesterday on a totally innocuous remark. So yes, the forum flag trolls are alive and busier than ever.


I consider this spam

So if the flag system isn’t going to have actual oversight then at least please make the auto messages an option. Because if I said nothing or did nothing wrong. I don’t need a bot telling me that I did. Please and thank you.

I think it would be better off if either flags worked as a downvote system and reports were for actual problems like a threat or call to violence.

There are do many times where someone can basically taunt and dance around something, but if you take the bait and tell it like it is, you get punished.

Outside of banning people like that the only thing systems like this accomplish is a don’t defend yourself and tell the teacher. Not quite zero tolerance level, but still annoying.

Ultimately it’s the devs forums and they can do what they want, allow what they want, etc. Something may be innocuous or no issue to one person, but horrible to another. A mute or hide option for individual posts should be the default, but that’s not really an option outside of muting a whole thread.

I think if someone slaps you upside the head, you should be able to respond in kind without going to internet jail. Say something straight to my face so I can defend myself.

I’ve had to flag things in the past, mostly because I can’t publicly call someone a bad word. However, someone saying “prove it” or saying their tired of 50 pets with the only way to get them is playing a mode many find tedious is ridiculous and stupid.

I think the flags at least should not immediately make a black mark until an official review. Bots and policing never works well. When it does, then you get a skynet level issue.

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I was so tempted to flag this post out of principle haha XD

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