Time played indicator?

Hi all, I’ve been playing GoW since August last year and was wondering if there is any way of finding out how many in game hours I’ve played? Feels like I’ve dedicated way more time playing this than any other game, as a regular player of RPG’s this will be A LOT. Ta very much


Hi if you are on xbox you can go in the dashboard and then select your profile then select achievement and select gems of war, you will see a couple interesting stats including your play time

I guess playstation probably got something similar

Thanks mate I’m on PS4 so will have a mess about now see what I can find

1460/1500? Achievement score. Come on buckle down :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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Lol yeah i need to craft xathenos but i got the hammer dwarf on the list right before :stuck_out_tongue:

Im surprise you didin’t notice over 46k successful invasion