Time of 'Starting a new day'

For the longest time, starting a new day in Gems of War for me was at 2am.
In fact, Tuesday 2am was my favourite time, because it started a new week.

Now, I know NSW just hit daylight savings time, so my 2am is now my 1am.
But weird things have been happening.
The start of the day didn’t trigger til 3am.
And then 5am (I think.)

And now, today, my new day only just started at 8am.

Is something going on that I don’t know about?
Is it just me??

My concern is trying to time the start of the next new week. I don’t want to be sitting at my computer for hours getting frustrated and then it happening the moment I walk away…

The Monday reset is at 11 am EST, so your equivalent of that. The hour shift was from daylight saving time, which shifted it from 10 am to 11 am EST.

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Then why did I just get my login bonus 12 minutes ago?

“Ma’am is your TV plugged in”? …

I’ve had it sometimes not register if it rolls over while I’m in the game - but if I close it and reopen it, it will trigger.

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I pretty much always hard restart it to get the login bonus to appear. Otherwise it can sometimes take hours.

Turning my PC on qualifies as a hard restart. I did that at 7am. I then closed the app, logged in at 8:03 and got the daily.
Hence I wasnt in the game at the normal time, which for me is 2am. (oops. 1am now.) I was asleep.

I don’t understand the reference. Is this a pop culture quote?

In general it refers to a woman calling a repair outlet saying her TV screen is blank and none of the functions on the remote are working. I guess it means look for the obvious answer. To be honest I would only be concerned if I wasn’t getting my daily but like Shimrra I just assumed a roll over while in game not registering.

Well, sir, I guarantee it was nothing of the kind.
I would not be so flippant to make a thread such as this without thinking it through.

There was a seven hour difference between when I expected to get the rollover, and when it did happen, and I’ve noticed the gap increasing over a period of several days. (Even before the daylight savings changeover in fact.)

Thanks for lightly trying to ridicule me though. Nothing wrong with injecting a bit of humour into the thread when nobody can answer the question.

Ahh one of those…it is a very hard question to answer as if as you said you really think about it then you would realise it is a very situational thing.

As to ridiculing you I made no such effort, as to do so would require some point. There was none as I do not know you or have any reason for doing so.

If offense was caused I apologise as it was not intended and I will make note to avoid replying to your future posts be it with humor or otherwise :smiley:

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I will retract the fangs if you continue to reply to me. I was just feeling a little butthurt over it, is all. I’ll use cream :wink:

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Just for the record there was definately no “butt touching” of any kind on my part. As to your problem I would really only worry if you stop getting your bonuses, still it is curious none the less.

Maybe a Dev will add some ideas to the pot and we can all have stew :slight_smile:

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Guys my face it hurts. all these jokes are breaking my face.

I’m not sure what NSW means, but since daylight savings time started and you set your clocks [I]forward[/I] an hour, I’m not sure why you ever thought it would have changed to 1am from 2am. The 3am would have always been the correct (new) time.

But I would contact Support, they can probably tell you the exact times you logged in.

NSW is New South Wales. And we did go backwards so that 2am became 1am. It’s going in to winter here.

Odd thing, I just tried to log back in to gems to see if the servers were up, at 1:45, and I could see behind the server maintenance message I was getting my daily login. I hope that didnt break.

I noticed that too, but I see the yellow exclamation mark flashing over Mail, so hopefully it will not change anything.