Tihamata from event keys/chest?

I am assuming it is not in them yet, but if someone has received it, please chime in.

If it is bugged then someone may get it.


The campaign mythics are always a delayed release after the very end of the campaign to help promote players to spend on the paid campaign passes. If you don’t purchase the pass then as Wow stated it usually enters the drop table 3-4 weeks after the end of the campaign and only then can it be pulled from event or other keys that can drop mythics. Typically you will find it included in the news when tarot cards or mythics enter the drop tables.


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It’s usually 4 weeks after release (never 3). It may even become available in the Soulforge later.

BTW, doesn’t this Tihamata remind anyone about "Dragon Lance"s Takhisis? The same 5 colored heads.