🐅 Tigerclaw guild chat! 🐯 Friends may bring goats!

I was one of the first members of Tigerclaw along with Pell. When our old GL went inactive the guild almost died: Pell and I raised tickets here and he took over and revived the guild - and we pushed it into the top ten.

I left when an opportunity arose to join MatchMasters (then the #1 guild) as I was contributing way more than anyone else - but left on good terms :slight_smile:

According to GoW I’ve been in MatchMasters 505 days as of today, maybe there’s a special prize for that…

Edit: can’t quite remember how the goats came into it but it’s been an in-guild joke for two years nearly!


I agree with @captain_video, as a top 10 guild we have to meet the standards if we want to recruit players.

While I understand that some members don’t have the time, or the will to push to the requirements then there is no point for me and others that are already pushing these numbers weekly to stay if this is not enforced at some point.

The matter is in the hands of the leaders to decide wether or not thy do want to keep the guild competitive in the top 10 or not and I will respect if the answer is no, I will just switch to a more competitve guild.where numbers of other players reflect mine.

I will feel sad tho as I really enjoy playing with you guys but IMHO being in one of the top 10 guilds should mean something and that’s why I did join Tigerclaw in the first place.

Note that the next update should bring other ways to get traitstones and I’m quite impatient to see how that is implemented as I find PVP very reptitive and I don’t really like Explore that much either.

As a final note if one day I feel like pushing numbers to keep the guild up there is too much (make no mistake it happens sometimes that I’m forcing myself to do a few extra matches to meet decent goals). I will just quit on my own to leave the spot to players willing to. Kudos to those who play for 2+ years and still pushing!

And now for something completely different. Guild statues, they all show up at level 100 for me, ever since they were introduced. I thought this to be some kind of hard cap, until I saw Jainus posting a screenshot with much higher statue levels. So, is this some kind of Steam client display quirk or is everybody else also seeing our statues at level 100? I’m beginning to wonder if we might not be missing out on some mastery bonuses.

I see them at 100 too. I was wondering the same thing.

Ours were capped at 100 in the display until the patch hit today. Now we see the (presume true) higher numbers, but also the graphics bug.

And hi btw. Leave my goats alone.


Hi all, thanks for setting this up.
About requirements, I do agree there should be some minimums, probably as captain_video said those should be 300/1500/500K. I wish people just try to step up their game without any threats and just realise that underperforming for a longer period will have consequences and it is not fair for the rest of the members.

About statues, I see them at 100 too. Although, the brown statue shows something in the progress bar.

Goats? Which goats? :innocent:

Guild, we do have some reasonable kind of access restriction on (Active Top 10 Guild Recruiting (Tigerclaw)!), right? Just wondering…

Hehe, nope that’s an open thread. Anyone can drop in - which if it’s your recruitment thread is probably a good thing?

If you want a private guild thread, only way here is to set it up as a PM and invite guildies one by one.

Or use Facebook. We use Facebook.

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I have no problem with other players seeing who all the superstars are in our guild. They should learn to fear us. Guild Wars are coming…

Bored at work… figured out everyone’s daily average lol. Not sharing to start trouble, just sharing cuz I find it interesting. Uploading… l

Always a useful snapshot, though if it ends up in any discussion, it would be important to point out that minimum contributions have been a shifting target, for instance to keep up with in-game changes. Before the current PvP system, the weekly trophy target was 100 (I think).

Of course. also, these numbers are based on Total average. For example chrizzl has only been here for like 2 weeks where as ac has been for a year so ac can not play for 2 weeks and his average won’t change much but crizzl would

With all due respect, it is a meaningless chart. Prior to the 2.0 upgrade, PvP matches were limited to one trophy per, and the guild minimum was much lower. Gold also spiked significantly after 2.0. Thus the newer guild members will in general have much higher daily averages than the vets.

Good point. I forgot about the trophies changing

Hello Tigerclaw, :tiger: Great Guild ya’ll have By the way :wink: Love the Name.

Come By and check out the New & Refreshed Treasure Hunt Game Page. :moneybag:
Share your Best Turns, Scores & Favorite Screen Shots with us. :smile_cat:

Is there a section for Worst Treasure Hunter? I think I might qualify…:see_no_evil:

If you keep playing it I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it.
Don’t give up and keep trying to get more turns. You can do it. :wink:
If you want to post your current scores … sure post one or two then, try to get even more turns.
We have Cookies :cookie: & Milk :sake:

Just wanted to pass on my thanks & appreciation to my fellow ‘Tigerclawions’ - it has been a pleasure playing with you all these last 12mths+ and I know with @AgedChimera (the machine!) at the helm you lovely guys ‘n’ gals will keep pushing forward.

Whilst I’ll be putting on some comfy slippers, beige chino’s (pulled up to my armpits of course) and listening to more Radio 4 than is healthy in my semi-retirement for the next few months…I may just surprise you all yet and charge back on over in the future - once a Tigerclaw always a Tigerclaw!! :smiling_imp:

As always…My your mana surges be plenty!

Best wishes,


P.s. I’m keeping the :goat: :laughing:


Belated, but here’s hoping to see you again soon, in the guild, the possible future Tigerpaw semi-retirement sister guild, or on the forums.

P.S.G. We’ve managed to get a few extra, enjoy yours (:goat:)!