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Tier XI Kingdom Challenges for Deeds, Please?

I just discovered that Kingdom Challenges end at Tier X.

Could you add a Tier XI for acquiring Deeds?
The type of Deed should be suitable per Kingdom.
Of course, with Tier X defenders at levels 200-206, I expect the Tier XI defenders to be somewhat stronger.

Thank you for your consideration.

(Apologies if requested already. I couldn’t find a relevant post.)


I would even take this idea a step further and suggest Writs at Tier XI and Colored & Imperial Deeds at Tier XII. We have 12 difficulty levels in Explore, so why not have 12 Tiers in Kingdom Challenges?

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Or, an implementation similar to the other challenges, perhaps. The seven Tier XI battles could give a good number of writs, and after the seventh we could get a good number of deeds in the mail.

I would also like to see a new Gnome that drops deeds. That would probably reduce Pet Gnome frequency even further so I’m not sure it would balance well.

+1, love the idea! :slight_smile:

By the time you can take out enemies at that difficulty, you could probably use the deeds or writs. And since challenges aren’t repeatable, there’s a limited number of the resource that will be released, so I think devs could balance that out to their satisfaction.

I’d LOVE that, but that might be hard to sell to the devs. Maybe add writs as a very rare drop to one or more of the existing gnomes instead.

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That idea would work nicely with the Treasure Gnome.