Tide's Lash missing in Soulforge

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was expecting to be able to craft Tide’s Lash this week. It’s a weapon from the free Kingdom Pass of the Nexus release event, the other weapons all show up.

Steps to make it happen again
Open the Soulforge, switch to Weapons, scroll through the whole list, no Tide’s Lash.

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How it was explained to me previously by my last guild is that when past kingdoms were released there was a free and paid weapon and the paid weapon would eventually be released in the soulforge to be crafted while the other is the one that ends up only being available from the paid offers. Krysta’s Scythe was craftable in the soulforge despite being the weapon from the paid content which seems to support that.
something about it being a way for players to have a one time chance upon kingdom release at getting them for free before being paywalled. Likely we will see Tide’s Lash appearing in cash offers.

Tide’s Lash is available in the in-game shop this week, for cash. It’ll never be in the Forge.

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I did the free pass for Nexus. I’ve completed every Campaign so far and I don’t have the weapon. I paid for the first couple of passes too. Is there a reason I wouldn’t have it?

The kingdom rewards for Nexus were tied to killing multiple King Heliodor Battlecrashers each day and was one of the last rewards it is not the same as the campaigns. You got these crown things and could only kill up to 5 of them a day or something so if you missed days you could potentially be unable to finish without spending money and they also had issue with the payment aspect of that.


Dang, I only found this part in the patch notes:

Fair enough I guess, even though it sucks. I was hoping the game would be past the point of paywalling progression gates like weapons away for newer players.