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Thunder Owls Recruiting - Rank 801 and climbing - Seeking Relaxed but Active Players - Req: Discord/No Gold*/1000+ seals/GW Participation* - *Read Post for more details

On behalf of our Guildleader, Bowgentle, Thank you for your interest in potentially joining the Thunder Owls.

We are a relaxed active guild participating in GW every week while not enforcing strict requirements each week for guild membership. Build up your kingdoms, collect and level troops, get experience in Guild Wars, and grow and hopefully stick with us as we progress together.

Discord - This allows for more reliable communications between the guild members.

Gold - For guildmembers still leveling their kingdoms there is no gold contribution requirements (focus on your Kingdoms to make your troops stronger for GW), otherwise we’d like to see 100K+ from most members most of the time, but there is no real enforcement of this because we will not ask for proof you are still leveling your kingdoms, we’re optimistic that members will contribute once they are done progressing their kingdoms.

Seals - We’d like to see 1000+ seals from everyone but we also understand that life happens and there are weeks that play time is limited, vacations, business trips, etc. are parts of life. You will never be kicked for a single week of less than 1000 seals or without a discussion on Discord (hence the main requirement of Discord for communication) many members max out their 1500 seals per week.

Guild Wars - Participation is required (excepting prior communication via Discord of being unable to play for a given week) we don’t care if you lose 5 games each day just that you tried is enough. We don’t really care if you miss a day or two, especially if you still play the games later in the week. We don’t care if you choose to play all 30 games on Sunday but we would like to see 30 games of trying.

If this sounds good to you and you’d like to join Thunder Owls please send me a message on Discord to: Drock#4903 to coordinate a guild invite, thank you for reading, and happy gem matching!

I am replying for a group of three of us that are looking to leave our present guild with many inactive members, and we are just tired of all we do and being unappreciated. I love the requirements you have for the GW,as well as allowing the members to build up their kingdoms. We are ranked in the 300s, 400s, and 700s and would have no problem meeting the gold donation, 1500 seals per week , and the weekly GWs. At this time we are in a guild that is in the 400s. Just wondering, how much has Thunder Owls grown since your November post? I will be anxious to hear back from you. I still need to get Discord downloaded to use, no matter what our ultimate choice will be, as it seems to be a great communication tool. Will be waiting to hear something back from you.

I am so sorry I am so late in seeing this after weeks of no bites I hadn’t visited the forums for awhile until now.

Since November our PvP rank has gone from 801 to 606.
I don’t recall our GW rank in November, but we are currently in bracket 111 and dominating it this week. Should break into top 1000 soon.

Our number of fully active members participating on Discord and in general has increased by 5 members… after the original post failed to really draw anyone in we re-opened our guild to random people joining and fortunately picked up a few really active people. We currently have 13 active on Discord. And about 15 meeting 1000+ seal requirement with several others just under.

Since it’s been over a month since your reply I totally understand if you’ve found another guild to accommodate the three of you and hope you’ve found a new guild to play with. But if you haven’t I will take steps immediately to remove enough inactives to provide you an invite.

Thank you for your interest and once again apologies for my extremely delayed response.

Sorry meant for last post to be a reply to yours.

Do you have 2 openings?