Thumbs up emoji

Title pretty much says it all. Currently we don’t have one, but it’s sort of a basic emoji. Is it possible to get one in a future emoji set?



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I vote for a facepalm emoji also.


I think I saw both emojis on the Elite + Pass Reward list. :wink:

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There’s a “rune set” at 600 artifact power on the Elite Pass Reward list, but I didn’t see any other emojis beyond that. There are none on the Regular Pass Reward list and just extra keys on the Elite Pass + list (beyond 1000 artifact power).

Of course, that was just from the preview, so maybe it’s changed since then :slight_smile:


Hear hear! :+1:

And a high five emoji…
And while we’re at it all of the basic stat icons (attack, armor, life, magic) would be useful.

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