Three Missing Classes - Time To Find a Home!

When it comes to classes, not everything is equal. The following is a list of the 34 classes in the game. After this list, I’ll have a few other lists to narrow down a common problem… lack of diversity.

Class Kingdom Type
Archer Forest of Thorns Elf
Archmagus Silverglade Mystic
Assassin Mist of Scales Naga
Bard Pan’s Vale Wildfolk
Corsair Blackhawk Rogue
Deathknight Ghulvania Undead
Dervish Drifting Sands Monster
Diabolist Blighted Lands Daemon
Frostmage Glacial Peaks Fey
Mechanist Adana Mech
Monk Shentang Elf
Orbweaver Zhul’Kari Elf
Sentinel Urskaya Urska
Shaman Wild Plains Tauros
Sorcerer Karakoth Daemon
Stormcaller Suncrest Stryx
Sunspear Pridelands Raksha
Thief Zaejin Goblin
Tidecaller Merlantis Merfolk
Titan Stormheim Giant
Slayer Dhrak-Zum Dwarf
Plaguelord Darkstone Human
Hierophant Bright Forest Fey
Warden Maugrim Woods Beast
Warpriest Leonis Empire Human
Dragonguard Dragon’s Claw Dragon
Runepriest Khaziel Dwarf
Knight Sword’s Edge Knight
Warlord Broken Spire Giant
Priest Whitehelm Divine
Necromancer Khetar Undead
Oracle Divinion Fields Centaur
Doomsayer Sin of Maraj Daemon
Barbarian Grosh-Nak Orc

And now a list of all the troop types/races and how many classes they each have…

Type # Classes # Troops %
Daemon 3 82 9.6%
Elf 3 44 5.1%
Dwarf 2 27 3.2%
Fey 2 61 7.1%
Giant 2 37 4.3%
Human 2 85 9.9%
Undead 2 69 8.1%
Beast 1 128 14.9%
Centaur 1 18 2.1%
Divine 1 47 5.5%
Dragon 1 47 5.5%
Goblin 1 18 2.1%
Knight 1 72 8.4%
Mech 1 19 2.2%
Merfolk 1 25 2.9%
Monster 1 77 9.0%
Mystic 1 102 11.9%
Naga 1 20 2.3%
Orc 1 19 2.2%
Raksha 1 21 2.5%
Rogue 1 41 4.8%
Stryx 1 20 2.3%
Tauros 1 14 1.6%
Urska 1 18 2.1%
Wildfolk 1 39 4.6%
Construct 0 49 5.7%
Elemental 0 108 12.6%
Wargare 0 24 2.8%
Gnome 0 7 0.8%

(Gnomes, Dooms, and Bosses excluded)

So why don’t we have any Construct, Elemental, and Wargare heroes? Well, I’m not sure. Is there a good reason for the lack of them? Absolutely not. In fact, Elemental is the second most popular troop type, representing 12.6% of troops. Construct is 10th at 5.7%, and Wargare is 19th at 2.8%.

Where are they all then? Let’s take a look, first at Constructs and their top 5 kingdoms (minus Guardians):

Class Type Kingdom Construct
Daemon Karakoth 5
Divine Whitehelm 5
Fey Glacial Peaks 3
Dwarf Dhrak-Zum 3
Giant Broken Spire 2

We already have 3 Daemon classes, so it seems fairly obvious that if there should be a Construct class, it would fit nicely into Karakoth. Sorcerer class could easily be reconstructed into a Construct class and it would be better than ever, especially given that the level 100 talent Master Build would effectively give your Hero also 10 life. Karakoth’s best front line is also a Construct, Wall of Tentacles. There’s also the fact that the best Mythic from Karakoth is Zuul’goth, which isn’t even a Daemon, it’s a Boss. Now, granted, aside from Wall of Tentacles, the other Constructs really suck (Golem, Tome of Evil, Void Portal, and Eldritch Guardian), but it doesn’t have to remain that way in the future. After all, it would be great to see a Mythic construct from Karakoth, as Lord of Slaughter is the first Mythic construct we’ve ever had.

On to Elementals:

Class Type Kingdom Elemental
Elf Forest of Thorns 15
Giant Broken Spire 12
Giant Stormheim 12
Monster Drifting Sands 9
Fey Bright Forest 7

While there are only two Giant classes, there are three Elf classes, so it’s fairly obvious that Archer should be an Elemental type from Forest of Thorns. It is worth mentioning that The Maraji Queen is the “Elementals start with 50% mana” troop, but it’s from Bright Forest, which has one of the two Fey classes. Furthermore, Maraji Queen is a Delve troop and doesn’t represent Bright Forest that well (only 3 Elemental troops from Bright Forest aren’t from Sunken Fleet delve).

Here’s an interesting note as well. King Avelorn is an Elf that starts all elves at 50% mana, but his damage is boosted by Elf, Elemental, and Beast allies, and he summons a random Forest of Thorns troop, not just Elves. Who else is an Elf? Archdruid, but she’s also an Elemental. She gives Life and Magic to an Ally, double the effect if it’s an Elemental.

And for those who don’t know, Archer already has the “Fast” trait, which starts it at 50% mana. There is absolutely no reason you need to have King Averlorn to start your Archer hero at 50% mana, it already does it, it’s only there for the other Elves (primarily the Elf Orbweaver class from Zhul’Kari and the Arachnaean Weaver mythic from Zhul’Kari in the L&D team).

So it makes absolutely perfect sense that the Archer class should be an Elemental instead.

And finally Wargare:

Class Type Kingdom Wargare
Beast Maugrim Woods 13
Tauros Wild Plains 7
Rogue Blackhawk 1
Human Leonis Empire 1
Knight Sword’s Edge 1

Here’s the funny thing about Maugrim Woods. It’s class is the Warden, one of the least used classes in the game. It has one of the worst and most boring “Legendary” traits, Ward, which gives all allies 5 armor. It’s level 100 talents are Harvest Moon, Armor Plating, and Thieves’ Guild, which affect Wargares, Mechs, and Rogues – and yet your hero is a Beast.

In Maugrim Woods you’ll find 8 beasts and 13 Wargare (with a lot of overlap). In fact, there are only two troops that are both Wargare and Beast: Fenrir and Wulfgarok. Wulfgarok is the Mythic which has the reworked Legendary trait “First Wargare” which gives 2 Attack and Magic to Allied Wargare on 4+ matches. Uh… so, not your Hero, because your hero is a Beast.

There are a couple things going for Warden being a beast. Forest Guardian starts all Beasts at 50% mana – but he’s a Divine Beast, so you lose any kind of Wargare synergy with him on your team (he starts Wulfgarok at 50% mana, but that means you now have two troops, yourself and Forest Guardian, who don’t benefit from Wulfgarok’s trait).

Fenrir gives Attack and Life to an ally, double the effect if the troop is a Beast – but remember, there are only 8 Maugrim Woods beasts to choose from, but 13 Wargare, and as I mentioned before, the overlap is incredibly small, so you’re limited to casting Fenrir at full power on only a handful of targets.

Then there’s also the Totem Guardian, which is actually not that bad. It creates 7 gems of a chosen color, and then barriers all Wargare. Except it’s a Wargare/Construct (makes sense), so your Hero doesn’t get Barrier… and its traits also only benefit wargares (2 armor and 2 life to Wargares). So it’s just awkward.

There you have it. Warden from Maugrim Woods should be Wargare, not Beast. Archer from Forest of Thorns should be Elemental, not Elf. Sorcerer from Karakoth should be Construct, not Daemon.


Which kingdom should be Beast?


Agree for Warden and Sorcerer.

But Archer should be Beast (maybe renamed it to Beastmaster).

And Elemental go to Broken Spire.

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I agree that Broken Spire would be a fine home for the Elemental class. Both Mythics there are Elementals after all, and it’s the second (tied with Stormheim) most populated Kingdom for Elementals. However, it’s also the second most populated for Giants. Granted, the Giants from Broken Spire see almost no play (except maybe Flame Troll and Lava Troll, but those are Elementals too).

The only reason I would give Elemental to Forest of Thorns is because of the already existing troop synergy (King Avelorn and Archdruid). But I do agree that it would make more sense lore wise for Elemental to be from Broken Spire, I will definitely give you that.

The only reason then to change Archer would be…

…so Beast could have a home, since there is only one Beast class, and it should be Wargare. Beasts are the most popular troop in the game, by over 2 percent points (20 more beast troops than elementals). But there is no single Kingdom with a plethora of beasts. Instead they are almost evenly divided. Here’s the top 13 (all kingdoms after that have 4 or less beasts, although there are still 6 kingdoms that have 4 beasts each, so it’s not a small number).

Class Type Kingdom Beast
Elf Forest of Thorns 8
Beast Maugrim Woods 8
Fey Glacial Peaks 7
Tauros Wild Plains 6
Urska Urskaya 6
Human Leonis Empire 5
Centaur Divinion Fields 5
Elf Zhul’Kari 5
Goblin Zaejin 5
Merfolk Merlantis 5
Mystic Silverglade 5
Raksha Pridelands 5
Undead Ghulvania 5

I think we can all agree that there are a ton of Kingdoms we can rule out immediately, even ones that have multiple classes, like Glacial Peaks (Fey), and Leonis Empire (Human). Wild Plains likewise needs to stay Tauros, Urskaya needs to stay Urska. That does leave Forest of Thorns and then the other 5 ones.

Is there good lore though for Forest of Thorns to be a beast class though? Lord Belanor, the newest troop, is an Elf / Beast because he’s riding on a beast, same with Owl Rider. There’s only one actual “Beast” though, the Hippogryph. The two mythics from Forest of Thorns are Elementa/Fey and Divine/Fey, so it’s not definitely not fitting of Beast.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that both Broken Spire and Forest of Thorns could be Elemental. This would reduce the number of Giant classes from 2 to 1, Elf from 3 to 2, and Elemental from 0 to 2 (which would be fine – Dwarf, Fey, Human, and Undead all have 2 classes).

Beast is just an awkward class, because there are no great Kingdoms for it. There are only three Mythic beasts in the game and they belong to Broken Spire (Amarok – also Elemental), Silverglade (Queen Aurora – also Divine), and Maugrim Woods (Wulfgarok – also Wargare).

Broken Spire of course we want to change to Elemental (or leave as is). Silverglade has the Archmagus class which is Mystic, so they wouldn’t touch that. And then there’s Maugrim Woods. The problem of course is that I want both Beast and Wargare classes.

Interestingly, I think we are overlooking a very fine contender…

Zhul’kari’s class is the Elf, something that has 3 classes (2 if Archer was changed to Elemental). But there are also 5 beasts from Zhul’kari – it’s the home of spiders. I’m not even sure why Webspinner isn’t a Beast as well (it’s just classified as a Daemon… but look at it).

Zhul’Kari ‘Orbweaver’ Elf → Beast
Broken Spire ‘Warlord’ Giant → Elemental
Maugrim Woods ‘Warden’ Beast → Wargare
Karakoth ‘Sorcerer’ Daemon → Construct

Elves go from 3 to 2 classes.
Giants go from 2 to 1 class.
Daemons go from 3 to 2 classes.
Beasts go unchanged.
Elementals go from 0 to 1 class.
Constructs go from 0 to 1 class.
Wargares go from 0 to 1 class.


This remains a good idea, but just wanted to note that we had this discussion earlier this year as well (with other suggested solutions too).

worth noting Forest of Thorns is currently an Elf hero Kingdom. the two mythics don’t match up to that either. (Elemental/Fey and Divine/Fey)

Adana: 1/1 Mech: Mech
Blackhawk: 0/2 Rogue: Merfolk/Monster and Elemental/Mystic
Blighted Lands: 1/1 Daemon: Daemon
Bright Forest: 1/1 Fey: Divine/Fey
Broken Spire: 0/2 Giant: Elemental/Beast and Divine/Elemental (makes me wonder if there’s actually a rule on which typing gets top billing)
Darkstone: 1/2 Human: Daemon/Rogue and Daemon/Human
Dhrak-Zum: 0/2 Dwarf: Undead/Mystic and Daemon/Elemental
Divinion Fields: 1/1 Centaur: Dragon/Centaur
Dragon’s Claw: 1/1 Dragon: Daemon/Dragon
Drifting Sands: 1/2 Monster: Monster and Elemental/Mystic
Forest of Thorns: 0/2 Elf: Elemental/Fey and Divine/Fey
Ghulvania: 2/2: Undead: Undead and Undead
Glacial Peaks: 1/1: Fey: Divine/Fey
Grosh-Nak: 2/2: Orc: Daemon/Orc and Undead/Orc
Karakoth: 1/2: Daemon: Daemon and Boss
Khaziel: 1/1: Dwarf: Divine/Dwarf
Khetar: 1/1: Undead: Divine/Undead
Leonis Empire: 1/1: Human: Divine/Human
Maugrim Woods: 1/1: Beast: Wargare/Beast
Merlantis: 1/2: Merfolk: Elemental/Mystic and Divine/Merfolk
Mist of Scales: 1/1: Naga: Divine/Naga
Pan’s Vale: 1/1: Wildfolk: Elemental/Wildfolk
Pridelands: 2/2: Raksha: Divine/Raksha and Divine/Raksha
Shentang: 0/1: Elf: Wildfolk/Mystic
Silverglade: 1/2: Mystic: Divine/Beast and Divine/Mystic
Sin of Maraj: 1/1: Daemon: Daemon/Mystic
Stormheim: 1/2: Giant: Divine/Giant and Elemental/Fey
Suncrest: 2/2: Stryx: Elemental/Stryx and Styrx/Undead
Sword’s Edge: 2/2: Knight: Human/Knight and Human/Knight
Urskaya: 1/2: Urska: Daemon/Urska and Daemon
Whitehelm: 1/1: Divine: Divine/Knight
Wild Plains: 1/2: Tauros: Divine/Tauros and Wargare/Construct
Zaejin: 1/1: Goblin: Goblin
Zhul’Kari: 1/1: Elf: Elf/Monster

16/34 kingdoms have 1 only mythic and match the typing
8/34 kingdoms have 1 of 2 mythics match the typing
5/34 kingdoms have 2 mythics match the typing
4/34 kingdoms have 0/2 mythics match the typing
1/34 kingdom has 0/1 mythics match the typing

Matching mythics with their hero class is sketchy as mythic trends are completely illogical

Man… Im not sure if we are playing the same game :joy:
There is such a wide variety of opinions on what classes are used or not, i think it would be hard for the devs to tweek them


I love warden for my row team. It’s a great class lol

Yeah definitely a good option. Moreover, the class weapon and the 3rd trait fit well the Beast theme.
Maybe need a new name, like Spiderhatcher :stuck_out_tongue:.

Main issue is that he would combo with FG not sure how bad it would be :thinking:.

Something else that could be an option would be to give every class a secondary troop type. This would solve a lot of problems – no classes would have to have their troop type changed, and synergies would drastically increase. Here are my proposed second troop types, based on troop types being either a race + race, race + profession or just a race (see a much longer explanation here: One of the lesser talked about 4.8 changes: troop types). So some classes wouldn’t have a second troop type because there are only three professions (Knights, Rogues, and Mystics), and some races don’t mix at all (like Centaur Merfolk).

Class Kingdom Current Type Suggested Second Type Type Added
Warden Maugrim Woods Beast Wargare Race
Oracle Divinion Fields Centaur Beast Race
Diabolist Blighted Lands Daemon Dragon Race
Sorcerer Karakoth Daemon Construct Race
Doomsayer Sin of Maraj Daemon Mystic Profession
Priest Whitehelm Divine Human Race
Dragonguard Dragon’s Claw Dragon
Slayer Dhrak-Zum Dwarf Undead Race
Runepriest Khaziel Dwarf
Archer Forest of Thorns Elf Elemental Race
Monk Shentang Elf Divine Race
Orbweaver Zhul’Kari Elf Beast Race
Hierophant Bright Forest Fey Elemental Race
Frostmage Glacial Peaks Fey
Warlord Broken Spire Giant Elemental Race
Titan Stormheim Giant Elemental Race
Thief Zaejin Goblin Beast Race
Plaguelord Darkstone Human Mystic Profession
Warpriest Leonis Empire Human
Knight Sword’s Edge Knight Human Race
Mechanist Adana Mech Human Race
Tidecaller Merlantis Merfolk Mystic Profession
Dervish Drifting Sands Monster Elemental Race
Archmagus Silverglade Mystic Elf Race
Assassin Mist of Scales Naga
Barbarian Grosh-Nak Orc
Sunspear Pridelands Raksha
Corsair Blackhawk Rogue Human Race
Stormcaller Suncrest Stryx Elemental Race
Shaman Wild Plains Tauros
Deathknight Ghulvania Undead Knight Profession
Necromancer Khetar Undead Mystic Profession
Sentinel Urskaya Urska
Bard Pan’s Vale Wildfolk

I mean, there are Centaur/Dragons and Divine/Undead

I wouldn’t rule any mix out

How about this idea. I’m not sure if any RPG type game has tried this concept out, but gems is always breaking new ground. You choose a race for your hero, then you choose a class.


Great list, but I’d make a few adjustments.

Thief and Assassin should both get Rogue.
Dragonguard and Sentinel can get Knight.
Oracle and Runepriest could get Mystic or Divine.
Frostmage gets Elemental.
Warpriest could get a number of options, such as Knight, Divine, or Monster (Manticor steed).
Mechanist could get Dwarf.
Plaguelord and Sentinel could potentially be Daemons, through corruption.
Sunspear and Shaman can get Mystic, or Wildfolk for the sole purpose of diversity.

Bard and Barbarian are at a loss for me at the moment.

I still like the idea that someone posited in a previous Class Rework thread about adding a new early tier in the talent trees that let you choose between 3 troop types. There’d be a few overlaps that would limit you to 2 choices, but I don’t see too much of a problem there (like Arcane tree giving Mystic, or Forest giving Beast)

I thought that too when I first saw the list. But when I saw the potential 40% start for a Divine Monk, and no suggestion for Barbarian, I lost interest.

I would suggest Orcs and Dragons go well together. Not in the way Centaurs and Dragons do, but as in Drake Rider and his loyal mount. Or the lost opportunity the Gundabads had with Smaug. Blackhand and Deathwing…that didn’t end well. Wargs. Orcs and Wargs/Beasts…

Yeah, but nobody ever uses Avelorn…derp. I can’t be expected to remember what every Blue Mana using Elf in the games does. It was a setup. I blame my CTE.

Um, Monk can already get a 50% start from the Elf Lord, why would the Divine typing make any difference?

Orc could get Beast too, since they use wolves and boars as well

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I’d like to see a Bounty class and a Faction class too.

Both would not necessarily be linked to a kingdom but more to troop type or Event instead.

Bounty is a real grind, probably my least favourite event after GW, so it would be great to have a way of mixing it up with the hero talents and weapons and not losing that all important Bounty multiplier.

Faction class would give you a bit more variety again, using hero talents and weapons and would count towards pure faction delves too. I mean, even if they just limit it so that you can only use weapons from that particular delves Kingdom to count as a pure delve. I’d settle for that as a compromise. Or… Even just let you use the Class from that delves parent Kingdom and it still count as a pure run…

Just a thought…

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