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Are you really suggesting that noone else can create Guilds that have words like Druids, Gold, Inn, Blue, Dragon, Phoenix, etc?

Our branding is obviously not theirs. Why don’t you post their Banner and Recruitment message here so we can do a point by point comparison. As for naming, the commonality for our names is the first word Druids, a common Discord, a common banner style, a common icon at the beginning of the Thread Title, and all 5 Druids Alliance recruitment threads clearly name and link to all 4 other guilds.

It’s silly or perhaps downright preposterous to suggest that you are rightly confused and that you cannot tell who is who. Do you see @madking posting in our threads… well yes, I guess you do and this is why you and others wrecked this thread.

Well clearly it states in the guidelines that everyone is to respect recruitment threads and not troll them. It is also clear that the rules do not apply to people like @awryan.

Apparently if someone doesn’t like the name of a guild, they can troll the thread into a train wreck. Good to know that rules apply to some people and not to others.

On behalf of the entire community I would like to apologize for the rudeness of the trolls @NowayJoe2Go.

@LyyaI will be flagging the offending posts. Please handle it with equity in mind.

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You changed the thread title to a call out. You wrecked your own thread.


Is their a macro that auto likes every post not made by the OP? 🤦

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The issue is, The Golden Phoenix Inn is an established guild, with their own reputation.

You have basically turned around, copied their name and added Druids in front of it, which then confuses new people and basically piggy backs off of all their hard work and tying it to your own alliance.

All it has done, in the view of a lot of those that know MK and The Inn, is lower their opinion of you and your alliance.

But hey, since you can do it, Im gonna start a new guild called Black Dragon Druids. Because why not. :man_shrugging:


I wasn’t trying to derail your thread, my apologies. Just making a joke.

I don’t think it’s my place to tell others how to manage their guilds.

Mad King is a good dude, for whatever that’s worth coming from me. Talk it out in private and come to a resolution without drama. I take everyone at their word that no harm was meant.

derail not detail

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If not Black Dragon Druids, how about Anonymous Druids

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I think Druids Anonymous would be a stronger name @Smash Go for it!

Are auto bots okay to use on the forums @Lyya?

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There are countless guilds with very similar names that are not affiliated with each other. This just boils down to the bullies of the block being butthurt that the druids took in another guild. People join guilds for the requirement or the positioning in gw and the tower not the stupid name of a guild. Awryan get over yourself.


For you, only Decepticons @awryan

Don’t know why you’re targetting me. I stood up for this thread at the beginning then got thrown in the frey when my name got dropped in the title.
But fair enough… I’ll get over myself and back to my usual habit of having my guild “be over” every single Druid on every single Leaderboard. :+1:

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IF this is what standing up looks like @awryan Please sit back down!

Guess what In the druids alliance we don’t care that much about the leaderboards. We play the game to have fun. If we wind up high on leaderboards then good we don’t put a ton of pressure on each other.


It is. It’s a honest and accurate statement to the guild name. While also saying this isn’t the place for my opinion.

Then the thread got bumped and I saw the name change. So if there was a dumpster fire. I put it out. Just for you to come relight the fire. By sticking up for your name and your right to have any name for your guild? Cool… People have the right to think it’s misleading on purpose then. 🤷

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Guess what. Talk to an actual member of the Soon™ Ryan’s Druids. We don’t pressure each other to play. We play a lot. So we’re in a guild with players who play a lot as well. If someone feels pressured to play. Then they shouldn’t be in that fAWRmily guild. I have a guild for every activity level. None of the names were ripped off of other guild names. They were all ripped off from pop culture stuff… So if Axl Rose came in and had an issue with Gems N Roses. I wouldn’t inflame him by acting ignorantly innocent and say I never heard of Guns N Roses. Nor would I be so unable to admit fault that I make the thread about everything but the one issue he has with it. But hey… What do I know… I’m just a good Guild Manager. 🤷

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Your additions to my Guild Recruitment thread are neither honest nor accurate. Please stand down or better yet, sit down!


This is no longer a Recruiting thread. You changed it to a game chat thread. I already addressed that. At the same time you made a new Recruiting thread. Just because you’re stubborn and won’t change the category of the thread isn’t on me. You derailed your own thread. Enjoy the course it takes now.

Unless you’re duplicating Recruiting threads to spam the category. Because that’s a big no no.

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There’s no rules against Guilds having similar names.
Inn is a common name for a Guild. Golden Inn is also a common name for an Inn.
Golden Inn is a common Chinese restaurant name in the real world.

I think we can all distinguish between a Phoenix Inn and a Druids Inn without any issues.
I can’t ban the use of the same adjective.

If the Guild Leader wants a name change we’re happy to provide one no problem.
If they want to keep the name I also have no issue with that.

In future if you have a problem with a post or thread, please report it instead of trying to police it. That only makes things worse.

I’ve close the thread because it got out of hand.

You’re welcome to start a new recruitment thread.

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