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As the newest chapter in the Druid’s Guild Alliance, we look forward to all the players who will join and make this an even greater group of family and friends!

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This is a great guild. Come join our family

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That is quite a confusing choice of name…


Yes, I agree. Very similar names


Hey I’ve got a new guild too.

It’s called Dru1ds Golden Inn. 520k gold is only requirement. Who wants in?


This is a great guild. Come join us

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Oh snap, this isn’t the Golden Phoenix Inn guild? I assumed you guys had merge with the Druids family. Very confusing name choice.


Druids Golden Inn is currently recruiting! Join Discord – – and PM @NowayJoe2Go or @Rathenel(Khross) DV for more information.

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No, we are not linked with this guild, eve if names are quite the same


Agreed. I totally thought y’all merged. The guild name is very disingenuous.
But this is also a Recruiting thread not meant to have feedback on… Whether positive or negative.


No one involved in the guild name decision knew that Golden Phoenix Inn existed, so you should probably check yourself before casting aspersions.


I’m only still commenting because I tried to stick up for whoever is in charge of this thread. But the childish title change rubs me the wrong way… So let’s go. :grinning:

A. Ignorance is never an excuse.
B. Whoever suggested the guild name definitely had knowledge of the Golden Pheonix Inn… To say it’s coincidental is offensive.
C. If you weren’t on the Recruiting threads I could maybe give you the benefit of the doubt. But since these threads get bumped hourly. To claim you never noticed the other guild who also recruits in the same category is complete :ox::poop:.
D. OP, you need to change the category of this thread to game play chat. Since you requested the feedback by changing the title. It’s no longer a Recruiting post. It’s now, “We can’t apologize for being wrong. So we lash out instead,” post.


I really find what you are saying very hard to believe @madking @awryan etal.

Druids Alliance has been around since week 2 of this game… about 5 years. We have been 4 guilds for a very long time. All our Guilds are DRUIDS. We have a guild for every play style. Now, we have a 5th Guild that is Gold Only.

You all should leave well enough alone with ruining other Recruitment Threads. If you have such an issue with the names of our 5 Guilds, you should complain to the Devs @Sirrian @Cyrup @Nimhain and ask them to give the Druids Golden Inn a free name change or maybe even ask them if they see this a Gems of War copyright infringement?!?!

Your argument is like saying that Days Inn and Mariott Inn are too similiar in name. This is a very childish way to mess up our new Sister Guild’s recruitment thread.

As for changing this thread. You changed this thread from a friendly recruitment thread into a trash bin. I will not delete my original post as it provides evidence that there should never have been any confusion that we are 5 Druids Guilds. Not a Law And Order Phoenix Inn guilds.

Go and re-look and review the Banner, the Hyperlinks, etc which clearly delineate Druids not Birds.


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This being the only one with the guild Requirement in the name…and the only one who threw “inn” into it.

I was unaware I had so much control over your actions of changing the title of this thread…
I guess Madking made you copy his guild name as well.
So my complaint should be with him.

Now in all seriousness. Is your head so far up your :peach: that you can’t see why folks have an issue with this?
What if I changed my name to Ryan’s Druids…?
Or Druids Guild of Suck? Would that bother you?

No one cares what you put Druid in… Just don’t act like you’re innocent when you rip off another guilds name.
I look forward to A W Druid, Druidnymous, Druids Keepers, and Druids Golden Inn…oh wait. :thinking:


Are you really suggesting that noone else can create Guilds that have words like Druids, Gold, Inn, Blue, Dragon, Phoenix, etc?

Our branding is obviously not theirs. Why don’t you post their Banner and Recruitment message here so we can do a point by point comparison. As for naming, the commonality for our names is the first word Druids, a common Discord, a common banner style, a common icon at the beginning of the Thread Title, and all 5 Druids Alliance recruitment threads clearly name and link to all 4 other guilds.

It’s silly or perhaps downright preposterous to suggest that you are rightly confused and that you cannot tell who is who. Do you see @madking posting in our threads… well yes, I guess you do and this is why you and others wrecked this thread.

Well clearly it states in the guidelines that everyone is to respect recruitment threads and not troll them. It is also clear that the rules do not apply to people like @awryan.

Apparently if someone doesn’t like the name of a guild, they can troll the thread into a train wreck. Good to know that rules apply to some people and not to others.

On behalf of the entire community I would like to apologize for the rudeness of the trolls @NowayJoe2Go.

@LyyaI will be flagging the offending posts. Please handle it with equity in mind.

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You changed the thread title to a call out. You wrecked your own thread.


Is their a macro that auto likes every post not made by the OP? 🤦

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The issue is, The Golden Phoenix Inn is an established guild, with their own reputation.

You have basically turned around, copied their name and added Druids in front of it, which then confuses new people and basically piggy backs off of all their hard work and tying it to your own alliance.

All it has done, in the view of a lot of those that know MK and The Inn, is lower their opinion of you and your alliance.

But hey, since you can do it, Im gonna start a new guild called Black Dragon Druids. Because why not. :man_shrugging: