Thoughts on some quick changes to classes for April 17?

I believe April 17 is when the new classes hit. I was wondering if it would be possible to make some changes to the current classes at that time? Some very small changes that shouldn’t effect balance in a big way but would make previously unused classes a little more popular. For instance:

Necromancer 3rd trait changed from “Gain an extra soul” to “Gain 3 extra souls.”

Knight’s 3rd trait changed to either Barkskin or Armored.

Priest needs something to make it more appealing but I’m not sure what? Maybe a +1 to it’s 3rd trait for a total of 3?

Warden’s 3rd trait maybe changed to “Allied Beasts gain 5 attack” … would give the class a role in skull spam teams. Right now it’s 3rd trait of “all allies gain 5 armor” seems pretty unappealing.


I actually have a thread about changes to Warden Class. So do take a look at that too

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Necromancer’s trait should be 100% bonus Soul from battle.


I like your idea about making one of Warden’s traits “Impervious” and your reasoning does go well with the lore aspect of things :+1:


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id give necromancer a necromancy trait :sob:, then ge could even keep his +1 soul per 4+ match or make it +2 souls per


Necromancy trait on a necromancer :smirk: Who’d have thought of that!

That would actually be pretty good. ie- keep his 3rd trait the same, but change his 1st or 2nd trait to Necro? That would definitely give him a solid role in soul-farmer builds. I like it!

I think we can all agree though that some changes need to be made by April 17. Knight class has just been bad for far too long. Same with Warden and Necro. We need change now :unamused:

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