This week's event chest contains no Chupacabra


I wanted to check and see if it is ‘supposed’ to happen where I open 350+ event chests and get exactly ZERO chupacabra troops? I think that’s too crazy for an RNG to be doing that so I wanted to know if this is on purpose?

Event chest does not have common or rare troops. UR is the lowest rarity to be found here.


Wait, I KNOW I got bombots from event chests when there was the last Adana event last week so when did this change? This week?

Are you mixing gold chests with event chest?

Fairly certain I’m not mixing them up, given the difference in rarity. I realize I’m on a lot of drugs right now for my recovery from surgery but I’m fairly certain I’ve been getting commons out of event keys in previous weeks.

I was able to max out Blackhawk when it came out but not Silverglade because I was short on event keys that week due to a legendary coming out the week before in the event box. I don’t keep enough gold keys in stock to max out a new common(I estimate it’s around 15-18k gold keys to max out a common with all the commons available and I only keep 5k in stock for things like new kingdoms.)

Common troops have never been in event chests that I can recall @Ssazix.
I hope that your recovery goes well and take care of yourself.


Common and Rare troops have never been available to unlock from Event chests. It has only been Ultra-Rare or high rarity.

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Yeah I’ve never gotten commons from an event chest. Maybe it was a bug