This Weeks Doom Event was a JOKE!

First of all i dont know what was in your guys mind (devs) to raise the difficulty of the AI this much but this was really unecessary.
The skull drops in favor of the AI was so ridiculous riggend that it made my hands shake of pure rage because of a game. I dont really want to talk trash about this game because i still love it, but this event almost made me quit.
Many of my guild mates already decided to quit because of all the rigged boards,por rewards and many other things.
I wish you guys(devs) take this in consideration and make the game fun again and more playable for everyone not just the old players that dedicated years and cash in this game.
Not everyone like to squash their brain to try to control the board better than the AI.

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Titan class.

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titan class wasn’t that usefull anymore after a 2 3 times skull hit

I brought up the skull drop rate with them on wed/tue last week, for me it kinda stabilized by friday, after my account was taken off hold, (yup i had to go to social media to be heard) that being besides the point, by fri/sat the skull rate normalized… just after my account was not on hod anymore(my account here on the forum), Funny that, but hey the AI does not cheat, (however if they can manipulate the frequency of gnomes then they sure as hell can with skulls, (all designed to make people but more tiers with gems and more gems with more rl money, (Also gems special sale this weekend ----- coincidence — i think NOT !!!

I thought it was easy after I got used to it. Team matters though. I do not like the weapon compared to past doom weapons

It was one of the easiest tower of doom events so far, if not the easiest imo :+1:


i was thinking the same thing till got skull spamed every match.
The other doom events didn’t bother me what so ever…

To clarify (and this isn’t meant to sound patronising), did you have titan in first slot with the barrier on brown gems trait?

It’ve been actually easier comparing with previous dooms. Maybe it have been just the rng favorising me, but I’ve encountered less foxes, azuras, and xanethos in this event.

Skulls can be mitigated in various ways, but an empowered and stealthed true damage one hit killer CAN’T be stopped, regardless ones team…

There was a reliable team that I can’t remember losing any sigils (might’ve been one or two). However, it was a very slow team and could get in states where a win took 5 or 6 minutes.

But ToD is a particularly frustrating event. In other scaling events, you get to pick the part where you say “enough”. If your guild has overachievers or most people have a high bar, everyone still gets all of the rewards. In Tower of Doom, you must make it to floor 25 to get all rewards or you miss out on some Forge Scrolls.

That means even if some week rolls around and it’s the ToD you hate the most, you’re punished if you don’t push through anyway. I don’t like that. When I’m playing something I already don’t think is fun, the negative effects of any bad luck I encounter are magnified.

Actually the fox can be stopped the same way of skulls, titan, beside, each tod you get a whole ONE op fox, the one with the boss past floor 20 so most likely you dont even have to fight it.

I do agree with thread title tho but x another reason, those heal weapons are just worthless, can do barely decent only if whole enemy team is of right color and even then a tentacle wall do a better work than it.

Hence for this and next 2 tod idc if half the board will be skulls or after floor 25 there will be the 4 worst delve rooms seen wont have many sigils to start with :stuck_out_tongue:

As a good side, LOT of gems saved ;3

Yea fox is stopped by barrier.
IF it targets the hero. But it’s 25% chance for that, and 75% chance that you’ll start the fight with one less troop.

Floor 25+ Legendary room was a Xathenos room.

You can make it 100% if dont have any troop that start with mana and take a brown match, being the only troop with mana fox will shoot the hero.

Yea. But overall have been fewer such. In other tod’s have been a legendary xanethos before floor 10 and onr ot two more between 10 and 25.

I guess if you only did the first 25 floors.
But if you went to Floor 75+ then you saw it 50+ to times potentially.

I think almost everyone did this. But the level 25+ boss room had the following features that made it particularly frustrating for me:

  • Abhorath had a high enough attack stat to one hit kill my hero. So a single skull match before I could match a brown, or a cascade of more than one skull match, meant death for at least 1 troop;
  • Nimue’s third trait meant that if the enemy matched a green, it would pop the hero’s barrier.

Personally I lost lots of boss matches in the first turn for both of those reasons


I found this weeks Doom harder than usual, until I realised the ‘obvious’ method would be prone to skull drops.

I am a little loathe to give away teams or tactics because the devs have altered things in the past to combat tactics, one being the Tidal trait.

For example the L25 Boss only had 1 magic damage dealer, the Boss. It was a skull nightmare, so all you needed to do was reduce the impact of skulls. It was palatable.

In this regard, having the Hero in top slot was flawed. A double hit and he’s gone. Last time the Post 25 Boss was harder with Carnex having Impervious and Spiked Armour as well, 1 Skull hit and good bye.

So you needed other protection other than barrier and we had that this time, unlike last time out.

There was no Spirit Fox in the post L25 setup, the hardest troop was Xathenos, but that team fed you - creating purple.