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Stratagemini has two spots available, come join us :slight_smile:

Hi to you, Hero

You have won everything ?

You have filled your pockets with gold and glory ?

You have been on the top of the world ?

Now you think it’s time for a change of pace?

Stratagemini is the place for you !

Who are we ?

A core of former players from a top guild (Stratagem, rank 4), we are veterans who just want to enjoy playing gow whenever we want.

We are not running after trophies anymore, not playing Guild Wars at all. You can if you want, your call. No forcing anyone.

We just ask for 500k of gold per week, to try to fill the 6 statues and hit the 40k seals for the mythic’s week.

We are linked with Stratagem, our sister guild, if you change your mind and want to go back in a very competitive guild, it will be easy to join them when a spot will be free.

We are looking for players with all kingdoms at 10 and who can give 500k of gold every week.

If you are interested, you can join me or @Azbra, don’t hesitate to ask us for any detail, and let people know that we are recruiting.

See you soon,



if you get tired of Famine, DK, Beasts GW battles but still want to stay close to the heat, this is the perfect place for you! Play at your own pace just for the fun. Sometimes one needs a break just to rediscover the game and see that it does not have to be all about grinding the trophies and the battles, it can be about fun guildmates and the game itself!

Love to see these Veteran Guilds popping up!
Best of luck to all of you in Stratagemini! :wink:


Thx for your support, i’ll appreciate if you could tell around you that we are recruiting. Have a good game !

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Is this a brand new guild or are statues built up some?

Hi Daveis, we are just begining it, but i trust we can do that in a close time. Why don’t you join us to help ;-)Hope i’ll see you soon Cymris

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It’s going to be interesting to be able to save up some gold, and take a vacation week. Get all the tasks, with no feeling of guilt, or need to stick around long term.

Come take a vacation, stay a few weeks, play or not, but donate and reap the benefits of tasks without the penalties of being fully idle or the guild of letting a guildmates down on the trophy hunt.

We, Stratagem, have a place in Discord where we can all socialize with Stratagemini, if you are looking to talk GoW without pressure.

Yo @Cymris, we get it, you’re recruiting people that don’t like guild wars. You probably don’t need to post it in every thread about guild wars!

Not that I’m the forum police or anything, but like I say, we get the message!


Seriously, was it really necessary to spam the forums with this post so many times?



maybe your guild is such boring one that they decided to start a better one

Ehrm, did you just forget that you kicked us without a word ?

Got to say it was good to have a weekend without any constraint of playing GW. GW battles require a lot of focus for me when I was in stratagem and always hard to find time on weekends with the kids!

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