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This quest is frustrating

I want to finish my daily quests before bed. I have the win 3 revenge battle quest. I am at 2/3 and I have been playing for almost 2 hours with no revenge matches even offered. I just want to go to bed.
I have already rerolled my quest for the day.
Anyone else run into problems like this with quests?

You may have to let this one go. I’ve ignored it myself. The ones that get me are “upgrade a troop to level . . . .”. My troops are already above that. So it just gets ignored. The tasks all reset at the end of the day so . . . .

Only the first task changes daily without completion.

I’ve left the first task uncompleted and after reset there is 4 new tasks waiting for me. I think . . . . now you’re making me second guess. I’m going to have to watch for this.

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Set up a Bombot or Firebomb team and you’ll get revenge battles racking up pretty quickly.


Exactly. If you’re running the meta defence you won’t get attacked as much. Set an easy defence or at least an all-yellow team (this week’s event) to make yourself more attractive to invaders!


You probably have divine meta plus Ubastet on defense.I think, not 100% sure, I skipped you a few times for something different probably with more yellow. Everyone skips that. :wink:

A team like this should be sufficient bait for this week, since everyone is looking for yellow troops for the Progress Event. It also makes yellows for all the Divine Teams out there to feed off of and destroy you easier.