This is what crafting should be like


This would put the “Intellectual Challenge” back into gem-based puzzle game again!
I remember having to crank up the brain juice to get the most ideal mapping during crafting in Galactrix!


Ah another 10 minute puzzle on top of the weeks / months it took to get the components to craft anything. No thanks for me I just want to hit build and move on I think I’ve spent enough effort by the time I’ve gotten to the “build” aspect of GoW Soulforge crafting :thinking:


As if you have to build much…
Since Soul Forge started I’ve only had to build … what? Maybe 6 weapons?


I think that would be cool to have an interactive game for building. Yes, it takes more time but its more involving and could be something fun.


Maybe they could build puzzles like this that unlock the “recipes” that you then use in the soulforge?

Could be a cool way to unlock specific troops, weapons, etc…

What do you think?


I’d rather have an option to craft Keys (VIP would be nice but it’d probably never happen)


I love the crafting keys idea, but they’d find a way to turn it into yet another Gem or Diamond sink.


And nerf tasks even more no doubt


id gladly unlock recipe for every single troop in the game that way, even if it unlocked a random one each time when you reach a good enough score :smiley::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: