This is just st💀☠️pid... Come on devs you can't have lost this much touch with the game

Level 600 Council of Blunders battle
(Picture provided from a guild mate.)

Another member just showed me how many skulls she’s getting from a level 600 Legendary Rarity battle.

Which means to close the last portal.

Each guild member needs to average 7 level 600 Legendary battles to close the last portal.

It’s Thursday, I did Tier 7, and I’m still around level 450 for Legendary battles.
(Usually we are done with events within 48 hours, 72 hours if the event sucks… All of this is unprecedented.)

I’d have better luck selling ice to someone in Alaska than selling this event to my members let a lone other players. Whoever is in charge of monetization is seriously bad at their job. Like seriously. Seriously. Seriously. Seriously.


Eh, just keep barrier up, cast earth’s fury a couple times and skull bash them to death. :rofl:

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And do what when those weapons aren’t available to us (despite owning them). Yet level 600 battles still exist?


Clearly you get what you pay for. Throw lots of gems at it to reach this stage and this is what you are rewarded with. Lesson learned?


This was the trade off for unbreaking Sunspear…

Clearly the devs gave themselves one too many extra turns with Greed.

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Or, unbreaking Sunspear was an attempt to soften this blow.

…takes off tinfoil hat.


Logged in just to create another thread about this very sort of “what the hell were you thinking” topic.

Guess I’ll put mine in Feedback

Please can you show us how to get Earth’s Fury in Council of Chiefs?

(Here’s a clue: You can’t!)

His was just a flippant comment, not intentionally serious :smiley: .

But, to answer your question, you can craft Earth’s Fury in the Soul Forge this week.

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I think you mis-spelled “unhelpful”

And I already have Earth’s Fury and I’d love to be able to use it what is currently an utterly pointless and tedious grind.

Have I missed something? You CAN use EF in this event if you want.

You know what this post really says about GoW players?

“I knew if I stuck my genitals in the toaster it would hurt, but I just had to pay $100 to find out if it was really true. It turns out even if you pay $100, it hurts if you put your genitals in a toaster.”


You are free to use any Grosh-Nak weapon in this event, including Mang and Earth’s Fury.

Your complaint will become valid, though, once the World Event moves to a Kindgom that does not have a weapon that scales with the level of the opponents.

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Hopefully the weekly medals will be enough to scale our troops to defeat high levels. That’s the goal, I guess.

There’s no hope about it. They don’t. I would need 6-7 separate skull matches to take down one level 600 troop. And that’s assuming they don’t have a skull reduction trait.

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I think your math is wrong by a bit, or maybe I’m dumb…

75 x (3 x 1.6 + 1) = 435.


So only 5 hits, phew :slight_smile:


Hopefully, your genitals will be good as new by next Monday, when you’ll be expected to pop them in the toaster again.


Yours looks more correct. Sentiment remains though.