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This has been a problem for over a year

Why is this still happening?

It seems like this bug hasn’t been fixed in over 4 releases this year, why is this still a thing?

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It could only exist since the previous release because prior to that guild tasks were different.

I was looking at the support tickets I filed and yes, before the new guild tasks, even the OLD guild tasks would cause a problem not the same error but if you completed a old guild task at the same time as someone else it would give an error and you’d lose out on that reward, but in the old guild system it was easy to miss a couple gems or keys here or there so I rarely complained.

But now the rewards are sparse so I try to squeeze every drop out. I get this every week and it’s irritating it’s been sitting in the game as a bug for so long.

Again those are different bugs. So it hasn’t been sitting for “so long”.
It shouldn’t exit, that’s true but if bugs were easy to handle there wouldn’t be any bugs, would it now?

You’re not adding anything useful to this thread by asking questions like this.

I posted this here because I know the devs watch it, but Support doesn’t like answering questions - they really dont. I ask them questions and they never answer unless it comes with a bug attached.

I understand bugs are hard to track down but I was more looking for a reason because I’m sure I’m not alone in this problem. It’s such a big problem that instead of fixing it, they institutionalized it by adding the fact that you can’t clear the error with the ‘collect all’ button as of the last release - so it tells me instead of triaging and fixing the bug, they put a kluge so more people could complain about it.

So my asking is coming along the lines of - why institutionalize this bug? Is it unfixable? What causes it? I get this every week and it’s frustrating to have to file a support ticket so I stopped filing support tickets.

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I was just trying to tell you it’s a newer bug then you think or then you say. That’s all.

and what useful this thread is about? what answer do you want for your question?
are you trying to get information from devs about how the guild task system is coded and what code part couses that bug and then finally why cant they fix it yet? if it was so easy to explain/track they would probably just fix it instead

if you want a useful info try to ask a question that is more reasonable, like what is the chance they might have some break out in this case or what kind of priority they are putting on fixing that but or something, although i suspect they would just confirm they are working on it and have no eta.

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You’re totally right, I’m a bad person for asking a question in a John Oliver jocular ‘why is this still a thing’ tone without referencing John Oliver or anything. Worse, I didn’t make a suggestion.

So my suggestion to fix it would have come from understanding the bug so I’m going to make a blind suggestion as a fellow gaming coder - if this is due to the database being locked for a write and the framework not providing a robust manner of handling the error, I understand it’s hard to code around that.

However, since this seems to only happen when two people contribute to the same task simultaneously, perhaps rethinking how tasks are completed, such as only allowing one guild member into the tasks tab at once and giving a message like ‘guildmate is busy in tasks’ and having a timeout on it in case someone goes into tasks and then wanders off to the bathroom.

But since I don’t know the root cause making suggestions seems unhelpful.

I didn’t know the GoW community was so sensitive! Thanks for correcting me and letting me know how mean and evil my original post was. I hope this suggestion makes it better in some small way.


Your suggestion is very nice actually :slight_smile:

I was hoping that a dev would weigh in on this because I really would like to see this one resolved. Not for me personally, but because they “enshrined” it with the ‘delete’ button when you get the notification you’ve been hit by this bug.

It means that it is a bigger support cost because all these people who get the ‘delete’ in their inbox have to screen shot it and file a support ticket. So this is an expensive bug to keep around.

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I’ve had this error only a few times, and yes it is annoying, especially when I miss 100 gems or something.
I think you’re suggestion would work quite well.
I’m sure the devs will weigh in when they get some time (I believe most of them are on holidays at present)