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This game is too hard

I cant win matches and i keep getting kicked out of my clans for no reason the computor cheats and i always loose its not fair

You are all mean why nobody cares i always loose

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It generally helps if you (a) categorize your post, which I’ve done; and (b) ask for help rather than post something inflammatory and accusatory. (Btw, I guessed you were on Mobile/PC, so you’re in that section.)

It seems like you’re a new player. Have you forgotten to change your difficulty settings back to “Normal” or “Easy”? That’s often a problem – it inflates the stats of the enemies making them harder to defeat.

If you’re really early game, you should also stick to the Kingdom Quests and not do PvP.

The only other thought is that you’re bad at making teams and/or haven’t bother to level up your troops. Spend some Souls and level them up. Even to level 5 early on makes a huge difference. If you need team ideas, try these threads:

Wait to be a jerk until you know what you’re talking about.


I play on xbone and im not early im over level 100 dont call me jerk

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Sorry, kid, but @Delinquent has you pegged. Level your troops, try the arena. There are plenty of ways to increase your strength and skill.


For me the first three months I barely played PVP - spent most of my time in Explore mode after finishing my first kingdom.

I saved up my gems for the best armor I could get
I spent every bit of gold on chests so I could get troops and I FARMED souls.

Finally with my hero who was warlord - and red club I built a team that last me almost 500 levels

Archon Statue
Hero-Warlord - Crude Club
Centaur Scout

And what I did was get these to the max trait and max ascend…and just plowed through the next kingdom…

Get yourself in a small guild that isn’t doing heavy on PVP or GW that just wants to do tasks… and that way you can contribute gold but get goodies.

What everyone else said, plus:

Invest in a solid, stable looping team. This is a team that typically relies on universal converters to maintain board control in order to build up nukes. In particular, Hellcat and Alchemist work very well together, as do Green Seer and Giant Spider; this is because each pair can convert to one another’s color. Your opponent can be as tough as they like, but it doesn’t matter if they don’t get a turn.

Troops that Devour are also great for weaker players as they let you use your opponent’s stats against them.

Keep at it, don’t lose faith, find a team and your stride and you’ll be rolling over the defense like the rest of us soon enough.


You and your “any to” search…

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Am I the only person here who recognises trolling? You’re all too nice.


Better than the alternative.

I think @RiverSong and I did a pretty nice job towing the line. Either the guy is actually in need, and we provided help, or he’s a troll/idiot, and we let him know that as well. Win-win I say!



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I thought I recognized the name I’m 99% sure he is a troll just look at his post history. He might be a really young kid but my moneys on troll.

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More ironic sarcasm than trolling…