This confusing needs fix

Something make me mad and need fix. There is double name for guild guardian - one get in chest and then the statues one in guild. This is bad design and shouldn’t ever be same name to avoid confusion. Then next concern, make my blood boil. Here, purple mana called ‘magic’ (eg: mana mastery) yet this name also for collective mana. This I beleive is easy fix and maybe not require patch. Is there timeframe for this ?


No, he’s right. I just never noticed before. He’s also the first to complain about it.

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The guild guardians and the guild statues are the same thing.

The other terminology point is lost on me. Never confused me or heard anyone complain about it before. The game’s lasted 2.5 years without this being a problem. I doubt there is a timeframe to fix it.

There are a few instances of spells and traits etc having duplicated names. Ideally devs would fix / amend these, but I can’t imagine it being high on their priorities…

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Part of the Guild Statues and Guild Guardians having the same name finds its origin in the expectation that the Guild Guardians (Troops) would have a direct and dynamic impact on Guild Wars. Sirrian seemed to indicate they could not find any cool way to make it work. So the Statues and the Troops still share a name, but no connected function.

I understand the Mana/Magic stuff, but I swear that confusion has been around since well before GoW, and back to the Puzzle Quest days. My guess is it becomes more confusing depending on your native language. Just be glad we don’t have the Purple vs Pink gem arguments that Marvel Puzzle Quest has!

Lolwut? What’s the argument?
I’m curious.

Find a shade of “purple” rendered just enough differently across all the mobile platforms to get people irate that it was Pink / Purple. If it was purple, it wasn’t like a royal deep purple. To my eyes, it really did seem pink, but I wouldn’t feed the trolls.

When I worked in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and someone told me they wanted a feature to be “RED,” I’d make them point to the CYMK (Primary Pigmants, Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, and Black) code for the red they wanted.


Lol, that sounds like what I’d say. Don’t ask for red, wtf is red? Color hex codes only.

I’m sure they looked at you in awe because you couldn’t predict the right shade of red they wanted…

hmm i could see a confusion between:

  • purple color type called magic
  • and the troop stat reposnsible for spell scaling - magic

but where does it confuse with a mana mastery - that gets me completely lost? :sweat_smile:

  1. Gems are both on the board that you match AND Gems are a resource used to purchase Chests. Oh the confusion, and anger!!! I better post ‘complaints on the internets’

Finally someone agree with me !

Well, my suggestion so not confuse new player is call purple magic mana mastery “Moon Mastery”. Because of moon symbol and turn to night. Yes ?

you would have to reword all adnotations towards the purple color being called magic -> into it being called moon,

and then the purple mastery would be called “moon mana mastery”

for example there is trait called “magic link” which would have to be changed into “moon link” and so on

im not sure is “moon” the right word for it but i get the idea

Moon is perfect word for it ! If you look, symbol for purple magics is a Moon!
Also, this is easy fix, just chance text word to Moon. Easy.

i think id prefer “night” or “essence” over a "moon"
but somehow magic is most suitable element there :confused:
maybe just change the troop stat instead into something like “affinity” or “intelligence” :stuck_out_tongue: