This bug about Coral Golem

Dragon Soul cast a spell, and Coral Golem submerged, then it happened.


When I close the global chat, it just doesn’t close. It leaves the chat room here.
I have to close the whole game to make it disappeared.
This makes me annoyed.

“Duck this shot. I’m out!”

You should check your opacity setting for chat. I bet that’s an easy fix.

Mmmm, with Coral Golem, it looks like there may still be some rare cases with the bugs with submerged troops and skull matches occurring. I’ll let the team know, we thought we had fixed it and we did a lot of testing internally and wasn’t able to reproduce this.

With the Global Chat issue, could you please try the following and see if it helps?

  1. In the chat window, select the bottom arrow (the one below the text input box) to make the Disconnect, Channel and Slider options appear.
  2. Select the Inactive Chat Fade bar and set it to be furthest to the left
  3. Try closing the chat window again

Thx a lot!
That’s all what I need!:hugs: