Thinking ahead: Ensure that the game will exist after its online functionality ends. (adaptation to SIngle-Player)

Well, we all know that it will happen someday.
Maybe sooner or later. Well, If it does, I think that this game should not be forgotten.
Gems of War adaptation with minor changes that don’t require online functionality, similar to Puzzle Quest or Puzzle Quest 2. The main goal would be to preserve the core mechanics of the game.

  • Will this F2P game become a Single-Player game?
  • Will it have a price tag and certain adaptations? (30-45 € / $)
  • Will you be able to import your online profile?
  • Reworked Guild System.
  • Reworked or changed Loot System.
  • Possible DLCs?

I believe that there is a great potential for this, but since I am not a coder, I am just expressing my views here. I hope that @Sirrian and @Kafka can provide some insights about this.

Sadly like many games made in the last 5 years, this game will die once online functionality is removed. Everything in this game is server based.

If it can be stored on a local machine, then it’s not an issue, but it would require some tweaks.

That’s also one of the main reasons why I don’t invest much into F2P games. Because they are time-limited and heavily dependent on the overall activity of other players. With a single-player game, you can relive it any time you want with no hassle.

Knowing what little I know, the amount of effort required would make it cost far more than you’re willing to pay. You can’t just copy the server backend code and paste it into the Unity project. It’s talking to DB servers that can’t run on smartphones or consoles. Those parts would need to be replaced with either SQLite or some other kind of persistence. That’s a pretty major rewrite on its own. But then every part that looks for other players like GW and ToD and even PvP would need some kind of new algorithm to generate fake data.

This is the kind of thing that’s only easy to do if you planned for it in the first place. Doing it after the fact can cost as much as the original project.

Even then it’s not forever. Suppose they managed to pull it off. On PC that might last a while, but on every other platform it’ll only last a few more years. Eventually Android and iOS will progress to the point it doesn’t run. New consoles will release with new stores that need new license agreements. There’s already a boatload of WiiWare and DSi games that are literally impossible to experience except through Youtube videos because there was never a way to obtain them in a raw executable form.

We’ve got a very temporary culture these days :frowning:


Why all the gloom and doom posts? Let’s just enjoy the game for what it is.

I don’t think its going anywhere anytime soon or in the future

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@Slypenslyde explained everything really well! I was jumping on to say the exact same things.

While it may look easy from the outside, it’s actually a very complex task to completely re-work, re-design, re-balance AND re-program the game to work as an effective single player game.

On top of this, there is the issue of changing engines and rapidly evolving technology + operating systems. Even if we did invest in making an additional single player game, there’s no guarantee that it would run on different devices and platforms long term, or that we would have the time and money to continue updating and maintaining the game to do so.

As such, this isn’t something we foresee ourselves doing in the future.

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It’s match 3.

You aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.Well, you could, but gems of war has… match 3 is timeless!

But if Xbox or PS4 dropped the game, I’d hope we’d be able to migrate over. And I’m not worried.