Things that make you frustratingly angry playing GoW


When you score 57k + in GW and you’re still not a champion lmao.


Should it make you happy instead? That
Mean your guild did a crazy job :slight_smile:


Totally, right… I agree with you.


Champion in my book.


@Draprion knows what you’re talking about :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m fuming when I meet a full Divine team from a Level 1200+ player, and it goes to dust at turn 3. Why can’t you have decent opponents in this game anymore?


I know, right??


Giant Toadstools also Night Hag


Hag turned my Ishbaala into a toad today, i believe @Sheba would approve this… :sweat_smile:


I thought Ishbaala was always a toad.


Thats right @sheba, is Ishbaala warthy now?


Hag didn’t turn her into a toad, Hag just spashed her with water so that Ishbaala’s make-up came off (why do you think she’s wearing that veil, huh?). But yes, I very much approve!

You thought correctly, smart person!:blush:

I’m still toadally unimpressed with her and will always be.


Man I hate those delve mushROOMS.


I guess you must MUSH through those mushROOMS!!!


90% chance for your quality to upgrade. And then fail. :rage:


Womp womp.


Subjective, but understandable!

I’m still working on my qualities, so anything better than 30 shards is making me smile lately. But I get being not so happy you “lucked out” and rolled a lot of gold. :confused:

I kind of wish the chest slots worked like LT tiers (different drop pools), with the higher level slots ignoring the “lower end” rewards. I don’t need guaranteed mythic ingots, but I’d sure like guaranteed ‘not gold’.


When you can’t name your pet what you want without asterisks appearing, more so when it’s not offensive and others can’t even see it.



This i really don’t get, why even put a filter in stuff noone else but you can see, people need protection from their own use of language i guess.