Things that make you frustratingly angry playing GoW


Ouch… what level were they by the way? Can’t imagine having a good time there.


I had it happen twice in a row which is what prompted me to take the screenshot! Around 350 I think, so not too bad and I did manage to win by keeping my barrier topped up. At level 450+ it might be the difference between win and lose though, as one lucky skull cascade for the AI would end you


Ain’t that the truth…!!!


Using a Sunbird/Fire Bomb team and the starting board has ZERO Red gems on it. Happened to me, at least twice.


Literally just used an ascension orb her. :thinking:

At least, I have 5 copies of her at mythic now.


Not able to get Maw active because the game KEEPS GIVING SKULLS AGAINST SILENT SENTIENT! COME ON! The delves really destroy the fun, especially how BS the later levels get. I don’t see how anyone is able to beat level 500 delves in each one, let alone with the delve team. Screw you Silent Sentient, screw you!


Yes not being able to play at all. Oh and fighting a guild war battle, winning the battle then it starts lagging them boom it says screw your life and decides to throw your (beep) back at the log in screen resulting in you losing the match.


Browsing and looking at weapons like this. And yes, its a Legendary Weapon…


Exploding or removing a gem colour on weapons.

Watched a GW battle today where the opponent has 2 troops left. All player troops intact, Weaver charged with 65 true damage ready thanks to Diviner working through it’s spells. Weaver ready to cast but the bottom two troops have barrier, Dawnbringer from brown and Hyndla has barrier (maybe random status effect at start). Nothing on board, odd yellow or blue, a couple of red and hardly any green. Lots of brown. No problem, might have to fire at barrier to rake them down, decides strategy to refill Diviner, fire Weaver, then cast on the shedloads of brown to convert to yellow for Weaver. 1 turn from winning.

AI goes and has several 4 gem matches starting from 4 red gems falling in a line from the sky. Enemy dawnbringer fires, refills by removing one red and one yellow gem, which explodes and somehow makes a three and four match of blue, fires again. 80 ish damage to all player troops in one turn and enemy team behind barrier, but the turn is still not over… When dawnbringer fired it’s second cast, this time it takes one red and one yellow again, the red gem is taken out to perfectly align 4 green - Hyndla then perfectly fires between 3 troops, freezing green, summoning half hand.

No idea why there is barrier on brown, same as the weapons that when fired explode or remove gems and also have a barrier afterwards. Hello Divine Protector…

Oh and adding freeze to hero classes when spells cast…

Forget RNG, no idea why those gem exploders, removers or whatever are in the game on weapons, is it a game to watch rather than play?


Working exactly as mathematically designed.

Insert 200 gems to continue?



That was fictional currency well spent. :roll_eyes:

Why am I playing these modes again?




What did you end up playing that had you buying Tier 7?

I bought Tier 6 and can’t seem to get my sigils to run out. 319,080 with 7 sigils remaining.


Honestly that’s why I stopped spending gems on these non-guild related events. The let-down of putting all that time and effort in just to get growth and wisdom orbs in the end just wasn’t worth it to me any longer.


Getting the same guild 4 times a row with the same color in wars.

And then they use your defense from the week before on you and it destroys your guild. :joy::rofl:

I guess that is how you know you made a good defense.

I lost to it Tuesday… 3 out if 5 of the ones I fought had it.

It was red day. Dwarves
are dead imo.


RNG, variance, and the horrible combination of the two, especially on matches where the valraven shows up.

After a few WTF moments that caused missed ravens multiple times, such as the AI getting off to a hot start, the Sphinx casting on turn 2 and the raven gone on turn 3, and one on a non-raven match where the Blast Cannon “randomly” selected to silence Yao Guai SEVEN times in a row, those lost sigils really start impacting one’s score.


BS non skill based trophies added to the game (max faction renown) that are impossible to get for no other reason but to encourage trophy hunter players to waste time and resources on boring game modes_(yeah, it’s working for now but I am at the end of my rope on 3 delves per day with no progress) - screw you 100% completion on Gems of War


Sorry for the misfortune. This was a really good week for Sister Superior. Its interesting how much RNG can mess with things, such a high variance of score. I ended with 381,480 pts on a Tier 6 purchase, no birds missed. 1-12 done with 4 bounty troops. 15th currently on X1.


When you’re trying to test your PvP defense and the Battlecrasher shows up. :man_facepalming:


the same thing happened to me this past gw, I only played 2 rounds and I never had any chance at all


Spending a lot of time and effort on the faction event to get this

It wasn’t as bad when I could farm level 20 because with the amount of battles and how easy they are I could use that as a good way to level up different classes.