Things that make you frustratingly angry playing GoW


a vid of me singing after opening game for the first time when a new patch hits xD


I don’t care if it is “fair”, every time the CPU takes 4+ turns I am very angry. I’ve repeated this many times. Free turns suck as a game mechanic.


Finally found my 2nd Soul Gnome in PvP. Got cascaded and lost the match lol. :rage:


You are clearly looking like an Alex Jones supporter. :clap::clap::clap:


Facing the Bullette team as the 2nd fight in the Delve at higher levels. You can’t skip it and choose another room instead.


Unless you are in All-Seeing Eye, in which case you can. It was most satisfying to do so lol.


The drop rate for Arcane traitstones needs raising. Dont get me wrong i know the devs want money, but im sure they want us to enjoy the game aswell. Sorry but doing explore for 2 plus hours for just 3 Arcane Mountains Traits just is’nt fun at all.


It really doesn’t help that some arcanes are limited to one specific kingdom while others have 3. Don’t even get me started on why Epic’s cost 12 Arcanes… I feel like Epic’s only should cost 8 Arcanes but making Ultra-Rare’s cost 4 Arcanes so it basically doubles. Mythics can stay the same due to the fact that they are… well, Mythic.

Oh and, what has been frustrating me recently? Struggling to get Runic Natures… keep getting Arcane Venom’s or Runic Magics instead…


If you’re looking for Runics, your best bet is challenges in a single-color kingdom.

Explore has a 3x rate of Arcane/Celestial appearing. If you don’t want those, then each one’s a possible stolen runic. If you farm in a single-color kingdom, then every Runic will be one you want!

So challenges have the higher rate of Runics between the two, and if you’re in a dual-colored kingdom you’ve doubled the amount of farming you have to do.


The problem is that I don’t need Arcane Stealth’s. I’ve got over 60 of them and the only troop untraited is the Imp with Mono Green. At least with the other green/[other color], I can collect the Arcanes for them.


The same crap LT back to back.
(A statistical anomaly any where outside of GoW)


Not using Mercy.

I mean it could be worse, they could have Mercy…


Just remembered something that really makes me angry, the enemy getting a massive skull cascade from a simple 3 match when there isn’t even a skull storm or doomstorm… Like come on! Usually there isn’t even that many skulls on the board to begin with either. Worst is when it’s during a very high level threat of towers or Zuul or delves.


If you were using Mercy, there would only be 2 purple gems on the board and none of them would be touching the yellow. That’s my experience. I don’t even cast Mercy in what feels like 95% of the games I field her.


Mimic casts twice. Devours every troop it can.

Casts 3 more times and tries to devour my troll. Was able to win the match, but couldn’t beat the boss with only one troop left. The Delves need to be MORE rewarding. Outside of getting ingots for weapons I’ll never use. The time to rewards ratio is definitely unbalanced.


I believe the time vs reward is unbalanced all across the board accept PVP, and I do not believe that vaults shoud reward 2 minor stones,or 100 souls thats not treasure it is crap


Oh yes, Vault battles have not been my friend as of late. Last reward? Souls from Cedric, double souls from 2 gnomes and 2 minor traitstones… yay(!) All because I want to get Soul Gnome and Cedric himself.


There’s soooo many vault troops and so little keys that EVERY single vault should include a vault troop of some sort.
Since 4.0… I’ve used at least 30 Vault keys.
(I didn’t keep track before)



Guild Wars makes we wanna destroy the whole house sometimes.



This was my reroll. -_-

Doesn’t help it wants to give me souls

And of course, of course, y’know what I see when I check for some randomly overlooked troop I can use here? Goddamn treasure non-troops. No way am I donating those to this task.